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The Rise of the New Coalition, and the Fall of the Empire
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Dethart Twins

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:15 pm    Post subject: Dethart Twins  Reply with quote

Name: Monique Dethart.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Age: 24.
Specialty: Piloting/Navigation.
Rank: Admiral.
Job/Employment: Admiral.
Personality: Logical, reserved, tactical.
Background: From a small primitive backwater planet in sector H13-3. Twin sister of Fathia Dethart.
Loves: Fathia, Mommy, Daddy and Taya.
Likes: Being less reckless than Fathia, shopping.
Dislikes: Shitty computers, fighting, 'evil', being called Moanie.
Hates: Being wrong.
Wants: To learn everything, and i do mean -everything-.
Fears: Dying and amnesia.
Special Training(If Any): Cruiser Piloting and Navigation.
Pictures of Char:

After Completion of Pilot Training

Admiral Monique

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 6:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Fathia Dethart               Nickname: "Princess"
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 24
Specialty: Front Line Marine
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant{Non-Comm}
Job/Employment: None Yet
Personality: Lazy(cept in combat), Eager, Deadly, reckless, and Hyper
Background: From a Primitive Backwater Planet in Sector H13-3. Twin Sister of Monique.
Loves: Moanie, Mom, Taya, Any Weapon related to a Midevil Weapon
Likes: Karnage(i know its misspelled, im trying to emphasize it xD), Killing Xenos, Blood, Guns, Romeo, Rookie, Dare, Linda, Fred
Dislikes: Being called Fattie(or Fat), Not getting her way, Janet, Alu'na
Hates: Shithead Flirts (Especially on Sis), Not being around her dad at all anymore
Wants: Her Dad to come to space with them
Fears: Slavery/Imprisonment of her Family, Again
Academies Attended: Marine
Special Training: ODST Training, Spartan Training
Theme Song:  +
This Ones For Romeo -and- Fathia, Fathia Recieving:

Noticable Scars: (well if she gets out of her armor that is xD!)
1 from The Middle of her Stomach to the bottom of between her Breasts.
1 from Just under her Left breast to her Right brest just above her nipple and further to the edge of her body.  
1 from The top of her hip, all the way up her side and sliding onto her chest slightly and onto her shoulder.

ODST Fathia

Spartan Fathia (with Master Chief [lol])

Fathia.. out of armor..  Shocked .. i wonder if anyone will ever see her this casual  Twisted Evil (And whos the person who got close enough to get her a gift of glasses.. GLASSES!  Shocked ?)

Post Apocalyptic Fathia

Fathias Sword, was once Fleetmaster R'tas'

Fathia When/If Shes an Ultramarine

Me as an Anime Girl
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