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The Rise of the New Coalition, and the Fall of the Empire
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First Fleet

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:11 pm    Post subject: First Fleet  Reply with quote

The First Fleet is made up of entirely new Warships created over Sigma Octanus IV and Halcyon, It's ONI Controlled, Most of the Ship Captains are Officers in the ONI Intelligence and as such have made everything in the Fleet Precise and Efficient. The Fleet consists of 2 Flagships, The UNSC All Under Heaven and the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Along with 2 Supercarriers, One Mobile Repair Dock, 7 Carriers, 12 Cruisers, 31 Destroyers, and 45 Frigates, Along with over 90 Corvettes and Over 2 thousand Fighter Planes and Attack Bombers, the Fleet is also Equipped with 12 Battalions of Marines and ODSTs, Meaning 12,000 Soldiers are spread out among the Ships, With their own assortment of Weapons and Armor, Including New Vechiles Produced During the 4 Years of War. While the All Under Heaven is Commanded by Terra, The Spirit of Fire will be Piloted by Grand Lordess Peppa. Within the Fleet are a Few Experiment Things, Including the Fact that everyone single ship now has a Type of Cloak that actually covers the whole Ship. The Cloak will only be effective if the Main Engines are powered down and their running on Thrusters or Secondary Engines only, else the power signature is to large and will disrupt the cloak, Along with the Cloak Covenant Shield technology has been re-engineered and Put onto every ship, Although the Shields are experiment, they have been tested previously on the UNNS Stalingrad but Were effective so they went into mass-Production.

The UNSC Red Horse is a Novelty Corvette Within the Ship, although it has its normal Load-out of over 40 Shiva Tactical Nukes, Its also the Command Base for the New Head of the ODST Program Colonel Urban Holland, Who is also letting the Ship's War Room be used by a Team of Spartan-III's called Black Team.

The UNSC Thunderchild is a Rare example of a Frigate, Their MAC Gun has been refitted to instead of Shoot one Massive Tungsten Super-heated Rod, to shoot 3 Seperate Load outs, The First being like a Shredder Round it will Destroy Any Shields or Hull that the Target present, then the Firecracker round that is like a Super-heated pop-Rock and will not simply go in one-direction, once inside the ship it will go down every corridor it can access like a Firecracker. The Last round is a Light Tungsten Rod weighing 600k Tons that will hopefully be the knock-out shot if the first two didn't work. The UNSC Thunderchild is the Mobile Command of ONI.

The UNSC Savannah, a Destroyer, is also Rare, along with its Two MAC Cannons, it was completely re-hulled to Make a Super-MAC Cannon run alongside the bottom of the Ship's Hull, While the Two MAC Cannons can disable a Covenant ship's shields. the Super-Mac Cannon can literally shatter any Ship with one Round. It's suppose to be Commandeered by Captain Monique upon her return to the Fleet

The UNSC Cradle is one of the Last Repair and Refit docks, At full capacity it can repair up to 6 UNSC Cruisers in 10 hours, And even though its a Massive 3 Kilometers long, it only has a Crew of 30 People, along with Repair crews for the ships they are repairing, making Repair and Refit Docks the Least Manned 'Ship' in the UNSC Navy. Although it is like any other R&R Ship, It also has a Single MAC Cannon, and 3 Shiva Nuclear warheads for Defense, which Terra personally requested put on the ship.

UNSC First Fleet

UNSC Spirit of Fire Warship[Commanded by Grand Lordess Peppa]

UNSC Red-Horse, Corvette Class[Commanded by Colonel Urban Holland]

UNSC ThunderChild, ONI Ship

UNSC Savannah, Destroyer Class

UNSC Cradle, Repair Dock

UNSC Hannibal

UNSC All Under Heaven

UNSC Chons{corvette}

UNSC Achilles{destroyer}

UNSC Pegasus{frigate}

UNSC Chimaera, Attack-Frigate

UNSC Prometheus, Cruiser

Prototype Katana Fighter

UNSC Rhapsody

Drone Bomber

UNSC Flight of Eagles

UNSC Emerald Cove

The Gladiator, Covenant/Human Design.

UNSC 'Hammer' Heavy Cruiser

UNSC Heart of Midlothian

UNSC Falling Star

UNSC Hopeful, Mobile Medical facility

UNSC Saratoga

UNSC Grafton, Saratoga in the background

UNSC Savannah and Sabre Fighters

UNSC Scrapyard[With the UNSC Commonwealth being scraped]

UNSC Perseus, Assault Carrier

Spirit of Progress, UNSC Space Station

UNSC Era, New Cruiser Leaving Dock

SuperCruiser,UNSC Valiant

UNSC Aeneas

Ezekial's Fleet, Subdivision of The First Fleet

The First Fleet now has a Subdivision For Captain Romeo's Mission to recolonize/retake abandoned colonies in the UNSC. Among the Subdisvion are the Colony Ships.
Behemoth-Class Colony Ships
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Joined: 15 Jun 2010
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sergeant Gunnery Johnson

Sergeant Bischoff

Lt. Elizabeth Shuri

Pvt, Deren

Pvt. Biseti

Captain Catherine Whitcomb

Lieutenant Commander Ashley Williams

Commander Miya Lawson

Commander Kasumi

Warrant Officer Seris

Ensign Joker

Warrant Officer Shanon

Warant Officer Kaiden

Warrant Officer Zaeed Massani

Warrant officer Natalie

Commander Freya

Captain Miranda Williams

Sonia, Weapons Specialist

Alice Aran, DRN Suit

Alice Aran Suit Repair

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