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The Rise of the New Coalition, and the Fall of the Empire
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Abilities and Capabilities

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:45 pm    Post subject: Abilities and Capabilities  Reply with quote

Ghosts essential "Mindlessness" and "Insanity" come to be the factors that will do what others wont.. launch anything from tactical to mini, to plain ol' nukes. They launch these missles from teh sky.. and without a 2nd thought other then if they have a better way to do it, use a targetting laser in every ghost weapon, lock it in, and with that run off so the nuke smashing down doesnt get them. And infact, the only reason they preserve themselves, is so they can still be of use to the boss.

Nuking infact, has become quite the topic among the admirals and other higher ranking officers who know the ghosts work for the UNSC (if in a independant sort of way that isnt quite considered "independant"). Many wonder "why do the ghosts not simply help openly? we could open them to the populous, so people knew, and then we could so stuff like this:

So why dont we? because then they would be considered freaks. Theyd be stunts of nature and either shunned and scorned. Or they would be highly feared and people would worry if there society will become that mindless monster called the "ghost". They remain secret because the higher ranking authorities cant decide if its better there known or not.

Ghosts have many many psionic abilities, all depending on there capabilities individually. One of the most common, and deadly ones though, is this:

Personal Cloaking. Cloaking has come to be perhaps the most deadly tool the ghosts have. Some disagree and say their more scared of the nukes.. but half the time if they couldnt use personal cloaking, they wouldnt be able to pull off launching a nuke. Cloaking allows them to be completely invisable to the unobservant eye, almost impossible to notice to the observant, and even lets them hide from most sensor networks. The only exception is anything that can track Psionic Eminations.. like fellow ghosts, and unfortunately, some of the alien races.

Ghosts having amazing mental abilities including the ability to simply manipulate other peoples minds to their wants. This manipulation has let them walk right into unsuspecting enemy bases at certain times. The only true weakness behind this is again, others with psionic abilities, since they can resist this manipulation and/or simply know its happening. However, its rumored that some of the best ghosts, mentally, have even been able to manipulate other ghosts/those with psionics, by going through a incredably difficult concept of convincing the person into believeing what isnt true even though they know it isnt, while constantly replacing that thought so eventually they -will- believe it. Its very complicated and difficult to do, its been known to make some ghosts go insane though upon attempt. The only truely untouchables in this area are those of the secret organization: ONI. ONI has developed a device that simply doesnt allow the ghosts access to the wearers mind. Ghosts are rather annoyed of this device.

Again for the more powerful mental ghosts, ghosts can simply 'tear' your brain apart by simply destroying memories and thought patterns in your head, although this power takes lots of time, energy, and focus, its surely deadly. Its been used as a Torture Device thousands of times. This ability is also handy since it helps them keep the ghost program secret.. by destroying their knowledge of it.

The Ghost Program has also found out another very nice thing.. Zaggarix are apparently psionic-inclined. They recieve orders in this style and after much test and theory, its been found that ghosts not only can manipulate other human minds, but can even direct orders to the zaggarix themselves, although none have been known to do it on a mass scale.. yet. However it does come in handy upon hand-to-hand combat when they can simply direct a zaggarix strike away from them -as- they dodge.. this is part of the reason they survive best against the zaggarix, even though they do the same as others to get away.. they dont die where the others will  Twisted Evil

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