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Zero's Mains

Name: Henderson
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 30
Specialty: Infiltration//Assassination
Rank: Corporal
Job/Employment: ONI Ranger
Personality: I-don't-really-care attitude, slightly lazy out of combat
Background: Try finding it
Loves: A good, cold drink, A nice, good smoke
Likes: Big, distant explosions, A shitload of explosives
Dislikes: Asswad COs
Hates: Sticky things, Having his cig shot off
Wants: ... To be honest? He dosn't know
Fears: Anal probes
Special Training: ODST Training, Ranger Training, Spartan-1 Training

Henderson's Appearance-

Henderson's Armor-

Name: Kale
Codename: Griffon
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Specialty: Blowing stuff up
Personality: Blowing stuff up
Background: Explosive, otherwise unknown (Aka I'm too lazy)
Loves: Gigantic explosions, Being a goddamn pyro
Likes: Explosions in general
Dislikes: Being 'burned'
Hates: Grenade to the face
Wants: His pay, blowing stuff up
Fears: Artillery. They make him look bad AND creams his ass.
Special Training: Unknown



Name: 'Gin'
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Specialty: Corruption
Rank: Librarian
Job/Employment: Heretic Librarian
Personality: Uncaring
Loves: Unknown
Likes: Making fun of the Codex (In his spare time)
Dislikes: Unknown
Hates: Unknown
Wants: To corrupt the galaxy
Fears: Unknown
Special Training: Ultramarine Training Forum Index -> EveryoneElse
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