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A-15 Orca Fighter

Marv High-Attack Tank

Paladin AA Tank, Rail-gun

Light-Recon Vechile, Leviathon

UNSC Cougar, Light-Transport/Anti-Infantry Vechile

UNSC Fox Cannon, Artillery Vechile

UNSC Wolverine, AA Light Vechile

UNSC Falcon, Light Fighter Plane, Not-Space Accessible

UNSC Hawk, Light Fighter Plane, AV Missles

UNSC Condor, Fast Attack Fighter Plane

UNSC Grizzly Tank, Double-armored Scorpian Tank

UNSC Cobra, Rail-Gun Anti-Tank Vechile

Defense Turrets

UNSC Vulture

UNSC Longsword interceptors

Quadtrayne Dropship

Vulture Hover Bike

The Loki Mech

AH/G-24 Banshee

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