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Ultramarine Weaponry and Equipment

Flamers are flamethrower weapons, unleashing a liquid incendiary chemical that bursts into flames as it leaves the weapon. They are valued for their ability to destroy many enemies at once, regardless of any protective cover. Both flamers and the more compact hand flamers are considered assault weapons due to their relatively short range.

A Bolt Pistol is a smaller version of the boltgun in standard use by the Space Marines (where the current variant is the Astartes Mk III). It is commonly used in conjunction with a close combat weapon by officers and veterans to make them into combat specialists.
As a a bolt weapon, the bolt pistol is favoured over the laspistol due to its improved killing ability, although it is less reliable and generally holds fewer shots in its magazine. A bolt pistol magazine carries only 6 to 10 rounds of standard bolt rounds8, each weighing about 0.08kg and with a diameter of .75 calibre (19.05mm). The pistol is able to fire either a single shot or a short three-round burst.

The Bolter is a mid-range weapon, between the lighter Bolt Pistol and heavier Heavy Bolter, and is easily carried by any Ultramarine. It works in the same way as other Bolt Weapons and in massed ranks produces such destruction as to easily frighten any enemy advancing into oncoming fire.

A Storm Bolter is a bolt weapon and is the current development of the Combi-bolter that was used before the Horus Heresy. It is essentially a dual-chamber, linked boltgun with a higher rate of fire, making it a devastating weapon at close quarters. Because of this increased rate of fire, it places greater demands on ammunition supply than a normal bolter.

The Heavy Bolter is a Bolt Weapon generally used for fire support missions, also known as the "Back Breaker" or the "Bruiser" by the crew who have to carry it because of its great weight - but also because of the heavy punishment it can deal out to the enemy. It fires a round considerably larger than that of the bolter, with a much higher rate of fire and longer range. These factors allow this anti-personnel weapon to be used against better armoured foes, including Lightly armoured vehicles, than the standard pattern Bolter. While generally operated by a two man crew, the Heavy Bolter is capable of being held and fired by a lone individual in Power Armour such as a Ultramarine or General.
The most modern version of the Heavy Bolter in wide spread use is the Astartes Mk IVc. The weapon goes through rounds very quickly using either a disintegrating belt or 40 round high capacity box magazine.

Standard Bolts comprise the following components: Outer casing, propellant base, main charge, mass reactive detonator cap, depleted uranium core, diamantine tip. The standard bolter shell is standardised at .75 calibre, whereas heavy bolter rounds are larger, at 1.00 Cal.
Hellfire Rounds have devastating results on organic matter, as the rounds are developed to combat Xenos. The core and tip are replaced with a vial of mutagenic acid with thousands of needles that fire into target upon the shattering of the vial, pumping the acid into the target.
Stalker Silenced Shells are rounds with low sound signatures, meant for covert fighting and used in conjunction with an M40 targeting system and an extended barrel and stock on a bolter to produce a sniping weapon system. A solidified mercury slug replaces the mass-reactive warhead for lethality at sub-sonic projectile speed. A gas cartridge also replaces both the propellant base and main charge for silent firing.
Inferno Bolts are designed to immolate their targets and destroy them with superheated chemical fire. The uranium core is replaced with an oxy-phosphorus gel, known as Promethium.
Metal Storm Frag Shells are best against multiple lightly-armoured targets. They detonate before impact and spray shrapnel, shredding their victims. A proximity detonator replaces the mass-reactive cap, and the diamantine tip and uranium core are replaced with an increased charge and fragmentation casing. They are similar to flak rounds and are used against clusters of enemies.
Kraken Pattern Penetrator Rounds are powerful armour-piercing rounds. The uranium core is replaced by a solid adamantine core and uses a heavier main charge. Upon impact, the outer casing peels away and the high velocity adamantium needle accelerates into the victim, where the larger detonator propels shards of super hardened metal further into the wound. These are effective against heavily-armoured infantry.
Psycannon Bolts are used by the Inquisition, primarily the Ordo Malleus and Grey Knights. They are very similar in nature to the rounds fired by their namesake, the Psycannon, and are similarly used against psychic and energy-based targets. Of all the rounds these are the most expensive, as each and every bolt is inscribed with runes on a microscopic level. Other sources say that they contain an anti-psychic substance. The psychic nature of these rounds are not only effective at destroying Xenos targets but also highly efficient at piercing the powerful barriers created by forcefield generators (such as the Tau Shield Generator and the Imperium's own Iron Halo and Storm Shield).
Dragonfire Bolts are used by Sternguard Veterans and release a gout of superheated gas that makes a mockery of cover.
Vengeance Rounds utilise an unstable flux technology which makes them slightly hazardous to use but makes them very good against armoured targets. In fact, they were originally developed to combat Traitor Marines.
Tempest Bolts incorporate tiny plasma shock generators that emit electromagnetic and thermal radiation when the shell detonates. Produced only on Mars, Tempest shells are noted as particularly effective against machines and mechanical targets.

Power Weapons are a type of advanced hand-to-hand combat weapon taking several forms but utilising the same basic technological principles. When activated the blade of the weapon becomes sheathed in a field of energy which disrupts solid matter, allowing the weapon to easily tear through armour, including even Terminator Armour.


Chainswords are favored against numerous lightly-armored opponents because of its light weight and brutality at the cost of armor-peircing power.


Thunder hammers are weapons of ancient design, utilizing a power field similar to a power sword or fist, and used by Ultramarines and Terminators, primarily by Terminator Assault Squads and Generals with access to the relevant armoury.

Where other power weapons emit a constant energy field, the thunder hammer is designed to energize the power field only upon impact, enabling it to conserve energy until it is actually needed, and allowing the weapon to deliver a particularly devastating blow. Upon impact, the thunder hammer's blue energy field explodes with a thunderous crack, more often than not smashing through armour, and leaving a smoking hole that crackles with blue sparks. The power unleashed on impact is such that a warrior not in Terminator armour will likely be knocked over.

The weapon's main drawback in combat is its slowness in delivering a strike compared to most other close combat weapons.

The Thunder Hammer is often combined with a Storm Shield, giving the wielder a combination of unmatched lethality and superb protection in close combat.


The Storm Shield is a power shield used by Ultramarines and Terminators. It is a more advanced and bulky version of the combat shield, providing better defence. However it is also much larger and requires use of one hand, preventing the use of two weapons.

The shield is often shaped like the Crux Terminatus, although variant shield designs do exist, and is powered by a generator in the user's Power armour or Terminator suit. When the generator is activated the shield shimmers with blue energy and when struck it emits crackling lightning, which gives it its name. It is often paired with a Thunder Hammer.

The shield is effective against both melee and against ranged attacks and able to withstand the might of a lascannon or even super heavy weaponry.


The Assault Cannon is a heavy, automatic anti-personnel weapon commonly used by Terminator armoured Ultramarines. Its most notable feature is its incredibly high rate of fire. It is a high calibre rotary autocannon, with 6 barrels cycled by an electric motor past a single chamber.
The weapon was developed after the Horus Heresy as a replacement for the autocannon. Introduced during the mark 3a phase of Terminator armour development, this weapon is the standard alternative to the heavy flamer as a squad's special weapon. Its design has changed little, retaining the distinctively long, cylindrical, rotating barrels.
Although it lacks the range of the autocannon and many other heavy weapons, the assault cannon is a fearsome weapon when used in the close range role it was designed for.
The weapon is prone to overheating and jams due to its high rate of fire - the number of rounds fired per second are counted in the hundreds. The barrels and other firing components are made of a heat-dispersing ceramic/metallic alloy, helping the weapon to withstand the intense heat generated by its high rate of fire. Despite this, the barrels still reach temperatures of over 300. Due to the high rate of wear on the barrels, the barrels are replaced after every mission. Motor and barrel failure are common problems with the assault cannon, making the weapon prone to jamming during sustained bursts.
The weight and complexity of the mechanism, and the heavy recoil generated means that the assault cannon requires a stable firing platform. The weapon is not considered man portable, however the powerful servos, recoil compensators and stabilisers built into Terminator armour allows the elite Astartes Terminator squads to carry the weapon into battle. The assault cannon is well suited to the battlefield role of Terminator squads, providing a massive rate of fire which often compensates for the enemies' vast superiority in numbers. In confined environments providing long corridors of fire, such as space hulks and hive worlds, the assault cannon is invaluable.
The high rate of fire makes the assault cannon unsuitable for extended engagements when used by Terminators, as the ammunition carried is quickly exhausted. This drawback is negated in vehicle and Dreadnought mountings, where ammunition storage capacity is far greater.
The standard ammunition fired is a 1.50 calibre cased round, comprising a dense metallic core covered in a non-metallic composite sheath with a diamantine tip. This provides excellent penetration capabilities against light and personal armour.
It has long been reported by the Astartes that the assault cannon's massive rate of fire can allow it to chew through armour that would normally be impenetrable to a weapon of its calibre. Extensive testing by the Adeptus Mechanicus supported this observation, and Astartes targeting doctrines have been officially amended to recognise this attribute.
The logistic shortcomings of the assault cannon are far outweighed by its destructiveness in combat and its effect on enemy morale.

Other Equipment

Scanners (or multi-scanners) are Imperial short-ranged scanners, used to detect energy emissions throughout a wide spectrum, such as heat, radiation and most forms of energy given off by vehicles and living troops. Scanners can take the form of separate hand-held devices, or they may be built into a helmet such as in the case of Terminator armour. Its main tactical use is to reveal otherwise hidden troops within a certain range and allow them to be fired on.
The Imperial Guard uses scanners known as surveyors. Ultramarines and other forces use the auspex.

Bionics in the Imperium are mechanical or technological substitutes for biological limbs or organs.
Generally the replacement is stronger, more durable or effective than the original, or gives its user completely new abilities.
The use of bionics is widespread in the Imperium. However, bionics are expensive and mostly limited to valuable servants of the Imperium, such as veteran warriors or skilled adepts, high-ranking Imperial officials and Inquisitors, as well as planetary rulers who possess the required wealth.
An individual may have artificial limbs and organs to replace diseased or damaged parts, or simply to improve their abilities. Bionics include partial and full replacements of body parts, brain implants, cybernetic weaponry and other devices. There is no standard level of bionic technology throughout Imperium - many bionics are clumsy and inefficient replacements, while the best can replicate or even improve upon the performance of the original limb or organ.
Inquisition bionics are among the more sophisticated and can reverse what would otherwise be fatal or crippling injuries.
In most Imperial Guard regiments, only officers will have access to bionic equipment. On the other hand, there are a few regiments where virtually every soldier is bionically enhanced. Also, the Iron Hands Space Marine chapter are infamous for making extensive use of them, almost to the point of removing all flesh in favour of machinery. In fact, personnel in practically all branches of the Imperium use bionics in some capacity. Even some particularly wealthy members of the Imperial citizenry can afford, and have been known to use, bionics.
Although bionic parts are mechanical, many of them do use the user's bloodstream, nerve endings, etc. so damage to one may be as debilitating as an injury to the original part, although in general the bionics are a lot more durable than their organic counterparts.

Frag grenades (or fragmentation grenades) are small, anti-personnel grenades, exploding in a hail of thousands of tiny and deadly shards of metal, the effect being to deny an enemy the benefits of any cover as they are assaulted.
Frag Grenades are very simple in design and effect, consisting of a central explosive core with a fuse inserted, wrapped by iron or ceramic bands, and further covered by a sheathing. Upon detonation, irregular chunks of the casing and bands are propelled at high velocity into the nearby surrounding area. Often, the normal time delay fuse is removed in favor of a more sophisticated movement-sensitive detonator for use in a booby-trap. They are cheap and require only a very low minimum tech base to manufacture, and are standard throughout all the forces of the Imperium.
The opposite of the frag grenade would be the krak grenade, which explodes or implodes in a very concentrated area, allowing it to crack open tank and vehicle armour.

Krak grenades are anti-tank weapons - the opposite of the anti-personnel frag grenade - they are designed to crack open armoured targets such as vehicles through a concentrated implosive blast. Although a krak grenade can easily kill a man, they are only used to attack tanks and other armoured vehicles. They are very effective at destroying hard targets, building structures, and for tearing holes into defensive structures.
The krak grenade must be placed on the target.
Krak grenades are commonly used by the Imperial Guard as well as many from other Imperial forces.

Power Armour is worn primarily by the SuperSoldiers. It is a completely enclosed suit of armour, made of thick ceramite plates. The armour would be heavy and cumbersome to wear but for the electrically motivated fibre bundles within the armour that replicates the wearer's movement and enhances his strength.
Power armour is fully sealed, isolating the wearer from the outside environment and protecting him from gas weapons and harsh atmospheres. It also commonly includes numerous auxiliary systems such as communicators, auto-senses, etc.
'Ultramarines' go through an arduous process where they receive various implants culminating with the implantation of the Black Carapace which allows the Marine a direct and instinctual interface with the armour, making it in effect a second skin. The advanced systems of Ultramarine power armour also monitor the Marine's biological functions, feeding the medical information to the Marine.
The backpack contains the main power plant, environmental system and additional stabilizers.

Terminator Armour or Tactical Dreadnought Armour is the toughest and most powerful form of personal armour humanity has ever developed. The scarcity and expense to maintain Terminator suits means they are available only to the elite troops from the veteran companies of the Ultramarine Chapters.
Like power armour, Terminator suits have an outer shell of ceramite-bonded plates powered by electrically-motivated fibre bundles. Plates of heavy plasteel further armour the ceramite sections, especially on the front of the suit. External adamantium ribs support the immense weight of the armour.
Terminator Armour incorporates many more auxiliary systems than normal Marine power armour. The armour's sensorium, based upon tendril sensors, links directly into the wearer's own awareness (adaptive surgery is necessary to make this possible). The sensorium allows the wearer to use a vast number of scanners and detectors without conscious thought. Sensoriums can also be linked together, allowing every squad member to see exactly the same view of the battle as his comrades.
(Terminator with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield)

Land Raiders are used by Space Marines as well as by their rebel counterparts, who have continued to employ the vehicle after their defeat and exile.

The Land Raider is armed with a hull-mounted twin-linked heavy bolter and two side sponsons each with twin-linked lascannons. It may also be fitted with a pintle mounted storm bolter. The lascannons are of the Godhammer Kz9.76 design, requiring replacement barrels after 2000 shots.
The armour of the Land Raider's hull is composed of bonded adamantium and ceramite, durable enough to shrug off all but the most potent weapons. Armour strength remains the same all-around.
The Land Raider is equipped with automatic control systems known as a "machine spirit", and can also be further equipped with dozer blades, extra armour, a hunter-killer missile, a searchlight, a multi melta and smoke launchers.
Transport capacity
The Land Raider has an impressive carrying capacity, either 12 Marines in Power Armour or 6 Terminators in Terminator Armour.
Access points
Even for such a heavily armoured vehicle, there are still three entrances, two side doors and one special front assault ramp for disembarking troops straight into combat.
The Land Raider is crewed by two to three Space Marines (a commander, driver and gunner). The Land Raider's "power of the machine spirit," an autopilot system, allows it to fire and/or move on its own if the crew are somehow disabled.

A Space Marine Dreadnought is a large, walking tank which carries both powerful guns and lethal close combat weaponry, armoured to withstand all but the most powerful of enemy firepower and often relied on by Space Marine forces to tear an opening in enemy defenses. Each Dreadnought contains a living being, permanently interfaced with the machine through a form of mind impulse unit. Dreadnoughts are surprisingly agile, able to walk and balance with the ease of a living creature.
The pilots within Dreadnoughts are Marines who have suffered mortal wounds in battle, maimed and crippled beyond recovery - instead of being mercifully killed, the greatest heroes are instead given what is considered an honour of continuing to serve the Emperor past their normal life. Once interred within the Dreadnought, the Marine cannot leave the metal womb and is destined for a life of endless battle until destroyed. Some are so ancient their memories may extend back to the founding of their chapter and its earliest history. For this reason they are revered not just as powerful warriors but also as ageless forebears and living embodiments of battles fought long ago. If a dreadnought is destroyed, the Space Marines will fight to retrieve the armoured shell so that the occupant can be returned to the chapter's mausoleum for the long deserved final rest.
Dreadnoughts can be armed with a wide range of weaponry, both ranged and close combat. These include either one or two Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons, usually in the form of power claws, or twin-linked versions of autocannons, lascannons, heavy bolters or individual multi-meltas, plasma cannons or assault cannons. Built into the combat weapons is often either a storm bolter or heavy flamer and one entire arm may be replaced with a missile launcher.

The Rhino is a tracked armoured troop carrier used throughout the Imperium, but most notably by the Marines as well as by the Heretic Marines. It is also used by the Inquisition and the Adeptus Arbites. The Rhino's versatile design has allowed the development (mostly through the rediscovery of STC designs) of several variants, each fulfilling a different tactical role. Popular variants are the Razorback, Predator, Whirlwind and Immolator.

The Razorback is a tracked, armoured vehicle used by Space Marine chapters. Its design is based on the Rhino chassis and as such is quite easy to manufacture. It is sometimes favoured over the Rhino because of its superior fire power, although it comes at the cost of transport space.
The armament of a Razorback is based on two principles, infantry hunting and tank hunting. To this end, the infantry hunting version is armed with twin-linked Heavy Bolters and these can be upgraded to twin-linked Lascannons. It can also boast a Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter.
The armour of a Razorback is the same as that of a Rhino, quite thin but allowing it extra speed.
Transport Capacity
The capacity of the Razorback is reduced compared to the Rhino, and can carry up to 6 Space Marines in Power Armour but may not carry Terminator Armour. Forum Index -> The Ultramarines
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