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Ultramarine Personel

Race:You Dont wanna Know.
Rank:Chief Petty Officer
Job/Employment:UNSC Soldier, ODST
Personality:"I'm going to kill you while someone videotapes it and then send that video to your mom"
Background:Dethram's From a Backwater planet from who-knows-where and God-Knows-Why.
Loves:Lyra, Fighting
Likes:Fighting again.
Dislikes:Drakl, Assholes.
Hates: The Admirality
Wants: To Become an Admiral to show his superiority to them.
Fears: Dying before lyra Razz
Academies Attended:None.
Special Training:ODST Training.

Dethram Adeptus Astartes

Name: Miranda "Dare" Vice
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 26
Specialty: Tactical Command
Rank: Major
Personality: No Fun and Games.
Background: Dare is an Oddity, shes the Youngest Tactical Commander for any ODST squad..yet she leads the greatest Squad and they all respect her. She herself has only been in 100 Missions, yet all of them went off without a Single Snag or Failure in any way, There were also no Casualties or Deaths in these missions, But She has planned a total of 897 Missions. Dare is Commented to be the Head Bitch by Mickey and Hotstuff by Romeo.
Loves: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Hates: Unknown
Wants: Unknown
Fears: Unknown
Academies Attended:Naval Academy, Navy Officer Academy.
Special Training:ODST Training, Sector 7.

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