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Uh.. Info? i guess? xD

The Gorgans are a newly discovered alien race that interfered with a very important battle between the Covenant, Humans, and Zaggarix. There past is simaler to humans in the fact that they were intially a divided people who came together and soon after achieved space technology. The Gorgans are a highly advanced race that have learned to use space's features to there advantage. The Gorgans have an even higher level of engine called that they simply call "Warp". The Gorgans adapt to, study, and take from other races that which they think is useful. As such the Gorgans have studied the humans for a long time, and have actually developed the human language as their own constant. They have a space-military that is known as the Gorgan Orbital Division (G.O.D). The Gorgans even have a specific group of "scientists" that actually not only study, but help other races evolve into something more sentinant. They are so fanatical in the evolution and study of other beings/creatures that they actually discovered the Zaggarix first, and are part of the reason the creatures learned to adapt so well. Due to this, they also attempted (on a voluenteer) to mix there own DNA with some Zaggarix, and thus they have some elite warriors like this: Forum Index -> Gorgon
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