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The Xasuh's

Name: Taya Xasuh (Zah-Sue)         Codename: G42
Gender: Female
Race: Shroud/Vampire
Age: Appears 30, Actually in the 500s
Specialty: Covert Operative
Rank Lieutenant
Job/Employment: UNSC Agent
Personality: Thoughtful, Friendly, Fast, Playful, Energetic, Hot-headed, Anything for Family
Background: From a Primitive Backwater Planet in the Sector H13-3, She was genetically altered when the recon ship she hitched a ride on went through a wormhole. For many years after she 'trained', and helped the UNSC fight wars. Fighting against the many aliens they are forced to face... until, one fateful day, her and mandy both were stolen by the zaggarix.. and infested. Then, for several years she was infested, reaking havoc in the system and even taking up mantle of part of the zaggarix swarm when the mastermind fell... when attempting to invade earth, she stayed behind when mandy left. For she had a scheme in the workings... not that it came about, she ended up meeting up with a ghost operative and was captured, somehow. Soon after she was cured of her infestation, the first to ever be cured...
Loves: Her Family
Likes: The Rest of her Allies and Crew
Dislikes: Traitors, Xenos, Seperation
Hates: Being seperated from her kids back on her home planet, Ghost training (with a passion), Being alone
Wants: All Her Kids, To Be Back To Normal
Fears: Her and her Allies/Families Demise, Ghost training AGAIN
Academies Attended: All Except Officer types, and Cruiser+ ship piloting.
Special Training: Ghost Training, Zaggarix Training?
Theme Song:

Taya After Wormhole Travel

Taya After Covert Training

Taya After She Gets Ghost Training

Taya and Dethram

Taya and Mandy

Taya When shes at her Sexiest >Wink

... Infested Taya...

Name: Clare Xasuh       Nickname: Rapunzel
Gender: Female
Race: Elf/Genetically Altered Shroud
Age: Appears 24, Is Actually 15
Specialty: Vehicular Warfare/Explosive Expert
Rank: Lance Corporal
Job/Employment: UNSC Marine
Personality: Suckup, Rebelious, Destructive, Tempermental
Background: From a Primitive Backwater Planet in Sector H13-3, She was genetically altered when the recon ship she hitched a ride on went through a wormhole.
Loves: Mom, "Fun", Getting to say "BOOOM!"
Likes: Fire, Guns, Explosions
Dislikes: Not being able to do what she wants, being called a slut, having to fix a broken bomb or a vehicle shes using
Hates: Being told what to do, being called insane, when her bomb fails to explode or doesnt fulfill its purpose.
Wants: To be a Great Soldier!
Fears: Scary Stuff, Zaggarix
Academies Attended: Mech/Tank Pilot, Vechile Mechanic, Marine, Explosive Usage/Disarming
Special Training: None
Theme Song:

Clare and her Muscles (Which she has in every pic, technically)

Casual (before and after skip)

After the time skip where she dyes/grows her hair out (hair is technically long for all pics)

Explosive Mission Equipment Clare

Vechile Driver (usually tank, not always) Equipment Clare

Marine Equipment Clare

Marine Equiped Clare and a Future Friend

Ultramarine-Armor Clare

Name: Mina Xasuh
Gender: Female
Race: Shroud/Human
Age: Appears 17, Actually 2
Specialty: None
Rank: Refugee
Job/Employment: None
Personality: Smart, Friendly, Hopeful
Background: ... Found by clare on earth, shes apparently been living on earth for several years and was brought off earth by clare when the zaggarix infestation grew to great and they were evacing for a mass-scale nuclear launch.
Loves: Clare
Likes: Charming Fellows, Valerian
Dislikes: ???
Hates: ???
Wants: To save Taya from infestation
Fears: ???
Special Training: None
Theme Song:

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