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The Ul'damnian's

The Ultimate Evil Race, Ul'damnians

Ul'damnian Priestess, A'mizara

Ul'damnian Priestess A'zursa

Lordess C'zathena

Lordess Z'enayla

Farseer J'enVessa

La'Taura, Farseer

Ul'damnian Warlock, Commander Hea'thraden

Warlock Erzameth

Warlock Ulta'fatalis

Ul'damnian Slave ship

Ul'damnian Abduction Leader/ Abduction Troops

Ul'damnian Warp spider

Ul'damnian Exarch

Ul'damnian Warp Spider Exarch

Ul'damnian Warlock with assistant

Ul'damnian Warlock, Temple of Whispers

Banshee Exarch Lordess, S'ukilaed

"Remi", Human-Banshee, Ul'damnian Loyal

Banshee Exarch

Ad'raeth and Wraithlord Guardian

Wraithlord Destroyer Mech

Wraithscion, Assault Tank


SpectralWraith, Anti-Zaggarix Vechile

Warp Spiders, Teleportation troops

Ul'damnian Exarch Warrior

Ul'damnian Guardian

Ul'damnian Attack Fighter

Ul'damnian Strike Bomber

Eldar Shadowseer

Eldar Reapers

Eldar Farseer

Eldar Fleet

Eldar Avatar of Khaine


Alaitoc Farseer

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