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The Types

Larvae, Base Zaggarix Lifeform, About the size of a Shotgun

Draguling, Evolved from Larvae without a Growth, about as tall as a large cat; over 2 meters long and its pincers are about as big as a 2 large mens feet stuck together.

Kavorling, Evolved from Larvae without a Growth, .75 meters, or 3/4s of a meter tall; a meter long and have about the girth of a large Attack-Hound used in the UNSC army.

Bubaling, Evolved from Larvae with a Growth, stands about a meter high (Due to the many growths); half a meter long; and is has the girth of a storage Cylinder.

Wingling, Evolved from Larvae with a Grwoth, a meter long and a little over a meter tall; claws reach about half a meter and it has a total girth of larger then a large dog.

Scorpalisk, Evolved from the Bubaling after Larvae Hatching, As long as a 2 person couch, tall as cup.

Infestalord, Evolved from Scorpalisk, Size of a Warthog

Membralisk, Evolved from Draguling, A few feet taller then a Human

Basalisk, Unknown Derivation, Slightly bigger then a Human

Hydralord, Evolved from Basalisk (the first hydra pic), Tall as a Semi (The Truck), Wide as a Person (cept tail)

Krakelex, Evolved from Hydralord, Tall as 2-Story House, Double Width of Person cept tail which is about 10ft long now

Broodling, Evolved from Larvae (no, it doesnt 'birth' them, it actually evolves), Picture is to Scale

Bombalisk, Evolved from Broodling, Double size of Broodling

Morphaling, Children of Bombalisk, Variable Size

Grakalisk, Evolved from Kavorling, Slightly Wider then a Warthog, Half as tall as a Warthog

Ulgralord, Evolved from Grakalisk, Size of a 2-Story House

Omegalex, Evolved from Ulgralord, Size of an Average Mansion

Terralynx, Evolved from Omegalex, Half the Height of a Garganchalex and as long as a Aircraft Carrier
(Link, click on it please)
Monstralisk, Evolved from Wingling, Size of a Scout's Hoverbike

Angralord, Evolved from Monstralisk, Size of a Tank

Garganchalex, Evolved from Angralord, Size of a Sky-Scraper

DragaLord, Evolved from Monstralisk, Size of a Medium Sized 2-Man Fighter, Wingspan = B2 Bomber Wingspan

Eaglex, Evolved from Dragalord, Same size as Dragalord

Infested Female Human Type 1, "Queen of Blades", Slightly larger then human female (as a note, there is a almost invisable membrane between her limbs)

Infested Female Human Type 2, "Queen of Fluids" (LOL xD), Slightly larger then human female

Infested Male Human, "King of Guns" (since they can have any gun), Slightly larger then human male infested

Infested Gorgan Warrior o.o *gulp*, ________, Slightly Larger then a Male Gorgan (Or in other words, about the size of a Basalisk, with no tail)

Infested Jackal, Taller then human (True height of jackal), skinny like jackals, "Karber"

Infested Uldamnian, ________, Taller and Thinner then a Uldamnian

Infested Scarab, Plasma Roach, Big as a Scarab

Capitalord, Evolved from Membralisk, Big enough to eat Admiral Whitecombs Capital Ship, baraly big enough to eat a Covenant Destroyer

Borgilord, Evolved from Scorpalisk, Size of a Missle

Groundling, Evolved from Larvae, Size of a Medium Sized Dog

Spikalisk, Evolved from Groundlings, Size of a tank (though not even CLOSE to its mass or density xD)

Defendalord, Evolved from Spikalisks, size of a Tank

Gorgalex, Evolved from Defendalord, size of Scarab Tank

Nydaworm, Evolved from Larvae (not morphed), Size of a small house except length is.. variable, though very very long Forum Index -> Zaggarix
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