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The Tests/Training

Training is tough, rigorous, destructive to the ghost-in-training's very life and soul. Ghosts are forever scared for life. They will never ever be teh same again. Entire personalities change; mortals, standards, pleasures, hatreds, it all of it changes.

The first test in the ghost academy, is a test in loyalty, a test in taking orders, a test in the persons ability to control there fear and other such emotions. This test is performed with the other sometimes 100s of ghost candidates. This test they simply tell the orders, tell how things work, tell what ghosts do (and what theyll be doing), and show them the zaggarix video. By the end of this, theres usually only 5 - 10 people left.

The next test, and the real first test, is a simple logical test. All he asks is for the ghosts to figure out how to get to him, on a plateau that seems isolated. When a ghost discovers the way up, that way up is eliminated. Theres plenty of ways up however, though, not that there really all needed. Since never has more then 2 ghosts passed this test. Well at least, not until the Taya/Mandy/Larz/Other  group came along.

From there on, the test order is random (cept the last one). They simply shove you into any test whenever the ghost is fit for it. The tests range from every need, to every desire, to every ability, to every skill, and more. They force ghosts to learn things that the ghosts didnt even know existed. Logical tests in problem solving. Mental tests on how well they can go up against any of there emotions, that includes pleasure. Infact, pleasure is paticularly targeted and they have various ways of forcing them to not accept the pleasure, to resist it. Since most are females, the most used are machines such as these:

They teach, and test, all your accuracy with longe range weapons, how to do triple backflips while blind-folded and disoriented. Make them do other accrobatics that no human being would be imagined to do. They force them to fight back not only there pleasures, but even to resist the pull of there wants, fears, desires, lusts, EVERYTHING.
Ghosts are physically, mentally, psionicly, emotionally, artifically, and otherly (lol) abused. They, without exaggeration, fuck up every ghost and break them to the point that they are just obediant weapons... at least.. to those that broke them. Most ghosts are perfectly willing to disobey even an admiral..a s long as it doesnt anger the boss. Then they go further, even after they do this, then they start mixing it up, like making the ghost solve a super-complex problem WHILE receiving sexual pleasure from there most effective fetish before, or some other supreme test of will.
They do battle training, and physical training with robots such as these:

These bots are adversed in all kinds of technologies and have various weapon upgrades and uses. They dont only train with these bots though, the ghost facility even has ZAGGARIX specimans to use with the ghosts; used to test, facilitate, upgrade, use, and practice the ghosts psionic gifts and physical gifts. Though, they arnt stupid enough to let those specimans reach past the ling, and rarely, the lisk stage.
When the ghost training is done, and they are as good as theyll get, then ghosts are implanted with various implants all along there bodies (listed in the next section), these implants take these highly-tuned - yet still human - abilities, and improve them more, to the point that ghosts are considered superhumans.

When this is all done, and the ghosts have come from (usually) crazed telepaths, to superhumans that are the ultimate weapons for the UNSC. They become almost emotionless.. almost careless, sometimes they even are (though they usually have some semblance of their former self). Forum Index -> The Ghost Program
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