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The Story

Thank You for coming to see my post, enjoy and please, tell me what you think ^.^
Note: Captain = Female, Private = Male, Scientist = Male
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    [Captains Journal of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 631]

Stardate 8244013-2, we have finally collected the specimans required of us. Tomorow we'll be taking these small maggots into containment and locking them up for controlled isolation. We collected 4 in total, they dont appear to have any gender or much to them, i dont understand this mission but its my duty and im going to do it.
Captain Sevesta Zenetha Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Quarters Log, Room 17-1 of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 473]

Stardate 8244013-2, My God I fucking hate the bullshit we do on this ship. I had to put my hands on those rotting slimy sons of bitchs. The captain never shouldve accepted this mission, its a bunch of waste for some dirty scientists who dont have the guts to touch a few maggots. Damit im talking the captain out of this tomorow! Private Adonvok Skarket Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Chief Scientists Log of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 1428]

Stardate 8244013-3, Speciman 1.1 has been collected, this message will be short for ive stayed up all night studying them and already the next day has risen as i can tell from the star-clock over my bunk. *a sigh is heard over the log* Sometimes this work is tiring, but im good at it and well, were learning so much! If this goes where i hope we'll soon have a new species of pet! It may even be able to join our armies and support our troops!
Chief of Biotechnology, Eden Kite, Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Cheif Scientists Log of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 1632]

Stardate 8244021-1, Speciman 1.1 has made exquiste progress in our controlled isolation tank. Today we had to move them into a new isolation tank of larger size, they appear to have grown considerably since we've seen them. Upon finding them they were perhaps the size of a stylus for my datapad. As of today they have reached the size of a large soldiers battle-suit boot. I have included a holographic image we have made of them.

As you can see, the speciman seems to have developed in 2 different ways, 1 with a large growth and 1 with sharper teeth that we believe and have found is what they use to feed with. We have decided to rename them because of this and call these 2 new larvae Speciman 1.2 and 1.3, the one with teh growth being speciman 1.3. Very intrigueing indeed. I have reported this to the capatain, she says were almost back to the science station.
Chief of Biotechnology, Eden Kite, Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Quarters Log, Room 17-1 of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 620]

Stardate 8244022-5, Damit captain! if only you would listen to me! i know for sure this was a terrible idea! those maggots are getting bigger every day! I wanna fry'em and just get rid of them. *theres a pause.. then he huffs and lets out a sigh* Whatever, were almost to the station anyway... *another long pause, then* The boys say im getting paler... i dont know what there talking about and ive pushed away for awhile, but now im even starting to notice. Not to mention my boomstick, damit i think its shrinking but im not sure, it gets me worried, something isn't right. *beeping of a door* Come in!
*in a hurried tone* Private Adonvok Skarket, signing off!
[End Log]

    [Quarters Log, Room 17-1 of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 630]

Stardate 8244023-3, I know for certain.. its getting smaller, and god damnit why! it has something to do with this pale skin! damnit why did i come on this mission! why did i even join this god damned strict military!? Why why why! after this mission i am the FUCK outta here!
Private Adonvok Skarket, signing the fuck off...
[End Log]

    [Chief Scientists Log of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 1690]

*in an obviously excited tone* Stardate 8244033-4!!! its amazing! the maggots theyve grown legs, and gotten bigger! But whats crazier! Both speciman 1.2 and 1.3 have both each changed 2 different ways! man am i glad we got plenty of subjects! I was in a hurry when i said they grew legs, cause one of them didnt, it seems to be flat and doesnt move much, it has huge pincer jaws! gosh! well, here, ill just label them and you can look! there to crazy to describe! OH! and there all different sizes!.. well here, ill show you first. *beeping is heard then holographic images appear*
Species 2.0 -- Draguling                                            Species 2.1 -- Kavorling

Species 2.0 and 2.1, have been named "Draguling" and "Kavorling", and derive from the 1.2 species.
Species 2.3 -- Bubaling                                              Species 2.4 -- Wingling

Species 2.3 and 2.4 have been named the "Bubaling" and "Wingling" and derive from species 1.3
The Draguling doesnt have any legs, and as you can see has a organic membrane that we assume is some sort suction, for it holds onto surfaces really easily. The large pincers allow it to do alot of damage to prey and defend itself. Due to its flat nature the Draguling is only about as tall as a large cat. However its over 2 meters long and its pincers are about as big as a 2 large mens feet stuck together.
Where on the other end, the Kavorling has from its larva form developed stubbed legs that appear might evolve into some sort of claws. It also developed upper claws on the top/side that are hooked downward, the Kavorling uses these as weapons against the prey we give it. It also has bones sticking out of the top portion of its carpace that are sharp as spikes, obviously a sort of defense. The Kavorling is much taller then the Draguling (Seeing as humans are about 1.7 - 2.2 meters tall on average) at .75 meters, or 3/4s of a meter tall. Theyre about a meter long and have about the girth of a large Attack-Hound used in the UNSC army.
From species 1.3 we have 2 more specimans that evolved, it seems every single evolution is uniquely different. We have first, speciman 2.3, the Bubaling, named as so because the strange growths on the larvae now have grown bigger and as the creature grew legs with large claws that are sharp, the growths spread and multiplied making it appear that the creature had many bubbles on it. The growths also changed to a green coloration for unknown reasons, further studies will undergo to find out what this substance is. The Bubaling stands about a meter high (Due to the many growths), half a meter long, and is has the girth of a storage Cylinder.
And the last of the 4 new specimans, species 2.4, is the Wingling. The wingling is named as so because it appears to be growing wings, though they stand straight up which is strange in itself. Like the Kavorling, it has grown "arms" that they use as weapons, however they appear to be more claw - or more weapon - then organism. The growth appears to have vanished however we noticed that while it was growing, skin simply grew over the growth, strange yet interesting. The Wingling is the largest of the 4 new breeds at a meter long and a little over a meter tall. The claws have a reach of about half a meter as well and it has a total girth of larger then a large dog.
Oh well, nothin' more to report.
Chief Biotechnologist Eden Kite, Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Captains Journal of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 1112]

Stardate 8244034-7, Tomorow we'll be landing at the station, ive informed the entire crew because tensions seem to have risen extremely ever since the capture of these strange aliens. I have this dark boding feeling things are about to go terriblly wrong.. but.... *pause for a minute.. then* .. well.. you know the saying... once ya roll the dice.. ya gotta see the outcome.
Captain Sevesta Zenetha, Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Ship Captains Journal of the UNSC Station 15-2 "Cadia", Entry 1]

Stardate 8244041-1... *panting is heard, and thats all for a minute.. then the slam of something heavy hitting a metal wall* damit.. I lost 13 good men today! 13 men!! All perfectly loyal! i should make those scientists get me new crew members! I should make them throw those damn bugs out and let me fire some slugs into those bastards!! But NO! No i cant.. i cant damnit.. they *in a mocking tone* "need to fix a few problems and it wont happen again". *sound of someone roughly droping into a chair and it rolling slightly* whatever.. i gotta fill out and send some letters to those families.. wont am i supposed to tell them!? this was a confidential mission and now i have to tell them there sons, daughters, wives, husbands, siblings, aunts, uncles, nephews! whatever?! i have to thell them they died, and cant even explain how!!?!!?! .. *sound of crying, it goes on for about 2 minutes..* .. not to mention i lost my own husband.. damnit leuiteniant.. why did you follow my orders..... *sighs and sounds of pulling herself together*
Captain Seves.. Sevesta Zenetha.. Signing Off...
[End Log]

    [Quarters Log 17-1 of the UNSC Station 15-2 "Cadia", Entry 1]

*Grumbling* Stardate 8244041-1... the boys wont come near me now.. damn those bugs.. damn there guts, im gonna put a slug in one of them tomorow.. mabye the day after.. i dont know but im gonna do it. They say i look the same color as them now.. it feel like theres another layer of skin under mine.. its.. weird.... *pause for about 30 seconds* .. well there is some good to this day at least. I think she finally loves me.. boy she seemed more eager ever since that night we had on the ship. Its like she drank some sort of sex potion or something *chuckles*. Eh, whatever, think i care? at least im enjoying it.
Private Adonvok Skarket, Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Chief Scientists Log of the UNSC Station 15-2 "Cadia", Entry 3]

Stardate 8244041-3, The event 2 days ago was a complete accident, nobody seems to get that. And its all becuase that damn marine droped the damn containment cell on his end! sure it was big but it's his fault! *sighs* Whatever, anyway, as i told them, we would solve the problem of them attacking us. Today we injected a fluid into them thats supposed to tame there senses. But now for the best news! The Bubaling, we found out its purpose! .. Though, it kinda showed it to us, not us finding out. Earlier today the Bubalings we had all grew very still, then to our shock, exploded there fluids out! I thought the bubalings ate alot but apparently they were housing children! Yes, thats right! we have almost 30 more larvae now! Quite amazing. But whats even strange is what happened afterwards! sure we gained more larvae, some with growths some without, but what was left of the Bubalings seemed to sink in on itself and morph together! A couple hours later we had on our hands whats obviously a new species, apparently, or so we assume, what was left of the growth fluids turned gaseous and stayed inside the creature as a sort of venom. For now we have a whole new breed on hand, it looks like this, and we've named it the Scorpalisk.

The Scorpalisk did many changes to its own body after giving birth, but the most notable is its new, and very long tail, and now it seems to have various arms of symetrical lengths that seem to have small suction tips, almost like an ant. We observed the Scorpalisk using these tips to hold its prey in place while it eats it, it also has a toxic venom that it can spew from its mouth, back (as shown in the image), and it's tail! Remarkable, indeed.
Chief of Biotechnology, Eden Kite, Signing Off!
[End Log]

    [Quarters Log 17-1 of the UNSC Station 15-2 "Cadia", Entry 3]

Stardate 8244041-3, Im tired of these bugs... im tired of this station.. im tired of this life. I wish the captain would let me go! but god damit no! *imitation of female voice* "this is a confidential mission, you either do it or you get brain wiped". The only reason im still god damn sane is cause of Kalah (Kay-luh). Man.. shes hot.. but shes noticed my stick shrinking to.. i think shes getting repulsed... *sighs* *alot of grumbling then* .. to many damn bugs.. *still grumbling but its audible* we got enough to call it a beehive now that those damn things made more maggots...
Private Adonvok Skarket.. Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Chief Scientists Log of the UNSC Station 15-2 "Cadia", Entry 7]

Stardate 8244041-7, the creatures are starting to get very active. They are eating alot more and been getting much more rebelious in there attempts to break out of their cages. I told the captain to prepare the ship for us to go to the surface and she readily agreed. Though... she changed her mind when i told her 1 of each kind of speciman needed to come. I eventually got her to agree, though it cost me half my rations going to thew crew. Oh well, anything for science, eh?
Chief Biotechnologist Eden Kite, Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Captains Journal of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 1]

Stardate 8244041-7, Back on the ship again...  were leaving for the surface early tomorow with some of the critters. At least i can be happy that the crew only has the tension of a few instead of all of them. Besides.. if they break out again, im going to give the order to kill'em. I can only pray it happens.
Captain Sevesta Zenetha, Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Quarters Log 17-1 of the UNSC Station 15-2 "Cadia", Entry 7]

Stardate 8244041-7, Captain is taking the crew to the planet, im staying behind since Kalah is staying behind. I cant go off duty though.. so im stuck gaurding the damn aliens. gah.. it seems im forced to be with them. *sighs* Oh well.. at least i got Kalah. Oh yeeea.. and i apparently have to update images and send them to the science logs.. whatever...
Private Adonvok Skarket, Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Captains Journal of the UNSC Cruiser Class "Zackaria", Entry 2]

Stardate 8244042-1, were now orbiting the planet, the scientist and 15 men are down there helping him. I and some of the others have stayed on the ship, he only took 1 of the aliens with him, damn him and making us watch over 3 of the 4 we took with us. .. Wanna know why really creeps me out though? the one i think he called it a Draguling.. or some shit.. the like.. things the membrane attached to? .. its standing up on them now.. and body grew up out of the top of the bump of it.. and now it has like.. a human-like shape ontop.. with long appendages and it uses those membrane-holders as legs now.. i dont like where this is going.. not at all. .. I included a picture of it, since i had to send it to the scientist get it named.. he decided to call it a "Membralisk".

Captain Sevesta Zeneka, Signing Off.
[End Log]

    [Quarters Log 17-1 of the UNSC Station 15-2 "Cadia", Entry 8]

Stardate 8244042-1, .. The Aliens.. they.. they keep fucking growing... grr.. im gonna slaughter them... .. gah.. here.. ill let you see the bastards.. might as well.

I dont even know which one it came from.. but i was there and it nearly cut my fucking head off...
Private Adonvok... Skarket.. getting the damn off.
[End Log] Forum Index -> Zaggarix
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