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The Spartan Program

The Spartan Program was first put into affect by Colonel James Ackerson. The Spartan I's Were augmented Soldiers Who had extra Muscle Density, raised Speed and Senses, After performing in over 30 missions they were considered a failure due to losing almost half their first 300 Members. The Spartan I's were canceled until Dr. Catherine Halsey Came up with Project MJOLNIR, The New Augments fused with the Impressive Mjolnir armor, would make the new Spartan-II Class, The First Class of Spartan-II's...didnt work so well, and almost all of them died in their first experimental training, where over 200 soldiers killed eachother in training excercises.

Noteable Spartan-I's:
Ezekial Tuilre
Dr. Catherine Halsey.
Fleet Admiral Preston.

Spartan-II's Class 2 Are the new reformed Spartans, who after 2 weeks of training and getting their armor, can take on over 2 platoons of conventional Marines, or covenant for that matter. There are 3 Squad leaders for the Spartan-II's yet to be chosen.

You can only be a Spartan in the Cases if you have been chosen by a direct superior officer atleast of Brass Ranking, Have performed well in training and live-combat excercises. And Have Survived the Induction.

-=Spartan Induction=-
The Spartan Induction Has two parts, The Augmentation, Where the recipients body is filled with many injections and undergoes countless surgeries for two straight days. Of the 400 originally chosen to be spartans, barely half that will survive the Augmentation.

And the second part, the 2 Week Program made to test their new augmented abilities. The First Class of Spartan-II's lost 107 Recruits of their remaining 191 in this part of the Training.

-=Spartan Graduates=-
If you survive the Induction, and Have been graduated by Dr.C.Halsey, you'll officially be a Spartan, Where your body and armor will get constant updates to make you an Improved Super Soldier.
Standard Spartan Armor, MJOLNIR

Founder of the Spartan-II Group, Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey.

Noteable Spartan-II's--
Dethram Lyra & Fathia Tuilre
Fred and Linda
Vinh and Joshua
{These are all the Survivors of the Original Three Suicide missions they went on}

The New generation of Spartans, Spartan-III's are the newest, and cheapest breed to make, Although their armor is inferior to the Spartan-II's the new upgrades and abilities they have make up for it, all Spartan-III's have Temporary Cloak, an EMP-Burst, Homing Beacons, Single-Flares, and Optical Fibers for jamming Enemy Radars.

Spartan-3 Armor Undergoing testing

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