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The Rumors

The UNSC have so many different ranks and statuses, weapons and equipment. It's always commented among the ranks out there that "oh the ODSTs are awesome" and "Those ultramarines rule".. but very few know the truth. Know the answers behind all that. Know whats hiding behind government doors. What happens in the underground of the ultimate government of man? The UNSC are both righteous and couragous, saving lives every. single. day. But theres a dark secret behind them. The United Nations Space Command has a dark-side to it as well. Sometimes the UNSC is left to do something nobody should know about. The most confidential of missions cant be done by something that gets wide publicity, something thatll be known and noticed. So they have secret opperatives, assassins from birth, the devils of society. Hidden from the sight of all but the most important people, are those that are feared rumors in lower-society. Theyre mere spirits, ghosts of society, thats where they got their name. Thats why they are called the Ghosts.

Dark spirits in the night, they sneak up on you while your sleeping, they appear from nowhere and twist your neck before you realize what happens. Theyre dressed in black and are inhumane, they drop appocalypse missles on entire planets with no heart for a reason other then pure entertainment. Thats what the stories of them are, thats what people say about ghosts. Of course.. almost none of that is true. thats just the rumors. Thats just what colonial settlements say about them. Thats just what people fear about them. Thats why everyone thinks theyre devils, theyre horrors to not talk about. That there inhumane and the UNSC hunts them down, little did they know the truth.

Theres other stories.. stories that shouldnt be known.. but are. Stories like the destruction of Lau Menya, the planet that no longer exists. No longer exists because as the story goes, ghost operatives launched numerous nukes on the site and completely destroyed the planet. Nothing left behind by a little bit of rock, which scattered into space because the atmosphere was completely blown.
Lau Menya Photo Taken from Passerby who first witnessed the destruction

All the populous knows for sure, is that whenever one of their children is "gifted" that they - one way or another - vanish, supposively in an accident or some other excuse. Nobody sees there kid again, and if they do, they are certainly not the same. Not ever again. Forum Index -> The Ghost Program
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