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The Kevran Pirates

A Race Previously Unknown to the Humans of the Empire, Tay was the First to see one in over 200 years, They are Pirates in nature, they love to steal from other Races and use what they stole for different things. The Kevran's Homeplanet is a Moving Planetoid, but it was quickly overpopulated so they decided to become a Wandering Race, using Cloaking Technology and Hit and Run Tactics to avoid detection for Hundreds of years, whenever they see a Lost ship, they take their chance and try to take it. Although their Leadership is unknown, they do have a Group of 'Royal guard' Pirates, so it is assumed they have a Leader of some sort.

The Kevran are very unique for a Reason concerning their Eyes, Which Change colors.

Yellow: Normal, No Significance.
Green: Organic, Detects organic Material, Cloaked or Not.
Red: Thermal, Detects Heat, Cloaked or Not.
White: Protective, It Starts a Healing Trait in their own body{Commander/Royal Guards Only}
Black: Beserk, they lose consciousness and enter a Brawling frenzy mode, they care not about their life or their friends life, only about you losing yours.

Regular Infantry- The Majority of the Kevran, they also Serve as Ship Pilots and Crewmembers

Rifleman- Another Majority of the Kevran, they serve as Engineers as Well.

Aerial Trooper- a Less Known Kevran, theirs very few and they serve as Heavy Support or as Pilots for ships.

Heavy Infantry- another Less known Kevran, they aren't seen often and usually dont have any purpose except to destroy.

Commander- The Commanders of the Kevran, Heavy Infantry and Aerial Combined, they have their Own shielding, Cloaking, and Pulse-Rifles as well.

Royal guard- The Elitests of the Kevran, their Blades can cut through Ship Metal as Cleanly as a Butterknife cuts through...Butter. They have their own Shielding and a None-Permanent Cloaking, Their eyes, like the Rest of their Race have many Different patterns which do different things, Infact Royal Guards are said to have another Color of Eyes by the LoveGood Pilots, but they havent Proved it. Forum Index -> Other
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