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The Blood Angels

Lord-Commander Dante Leading the Blood Angels

Sanguinor, Artificier Armor/Wings, Honor Guard Exemplar

Sanguinius Honor guard Commander

Sanguinary Honor Guard

Sanguinary Honored Brother Champions

Corbulo, Sanguinary High Priest With the Red Grail

Lucius, Sanguinary Priest

Sanguinary Priest,Brother-Sergeant Cypher

Astorath The Grim, High Chaplain of the Blood Angels. "Redeemer of the Lost"

Chaplain Lemartes, Death Company HighChaplain

Bristol, Death Company Chaplain


Mephiston, Lord of Death, Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels

Vatraeus, Blood Angel Librarian

Brother Aldric[Librarian]

Sepharam, Exalted Brother of Sanguinius, And Current Leader of the Sanguinary Guard[1st Company]

Blood Angel First Company 'ArchAngels'

Erasmus Tycho, 3rd Company Commander"Red Thirst" Corrupted.

3rd Company Sergeant Rafen

2nd Company Commander, "The Blooded" Company, Captain Vargus

4th Company "Knights of Baal" Captain Castigon

5th Company Captain Belierphon, Master of the Blade


Vinheim Mael'Draaqe, Ninth Company[Suicide Death Company] "Sunderers" Captain

Incarael, Master of the Forge and Senior Techmarine

Alletas, Incarael's Second, Techmarine

Tizzent, TechPriest of the Blood Angels

Skiitari, Techmarine

TechPriest Alconvis

Adeptus Mechanicus Zamara

Adeptus Mechanicus Division

Captain Morleo

Captain Zariah[Dreadnought]

Blood Angel Dreadnought

Sergeant Valtaus

Sergeant Gavin Bryant

Brother Captain Tuscio

Brother Calium

Brother Dakarian

Brother Faroth

Brother Kalek

Brother Tidus

Brother Xavier

Scout Sergeant Fevius

Scout Training Gear/ Scout Vlad

Scout Armor

Blood Angel Scout

Brother Arkio and Scout Recruit Salachiel With a Dreadnought

Blood Angel Charge

Death Company Charge

Blood Angel Search and Destroy Squad

Blood Angels Hold the Line

Blood Angel

Blood Angel Librarian

Blood Angel Squad

Blood Angel defense of New Reach

Blood Angel Squad

Blood Angel Landspeeder

Blood Angel Predator Tanks

Blood Angel Death Company Dreadnought

Europea, Strike Cruiser

Blade of Vengeance, Blood Angel Capital Ship

BloodCaller, Blood Angel Flagship

FirstAngel, Blood Angel Escort Cruiser Forum Index -> The Ultramarines
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