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Tau Warriors

The Tau are a Race of Humanoid people, all with blue skin, who have high technology but almost no good melee attackers. They perform raids on both the covenant and the Humans. Showing up when neither wants them to. Although the UNSC is not fully sure about the Tau Hierarchy, they know during raids or missions, the Tau Warlord is always in charge, and in the case of him/her dying, the Commander takes charge.

Tau Warlord Tyira- One of the only Warlords the UNSC has been able to find a name on, and the only one whos appearance is actually logged.

Tau Commander Firebird- Tyira's direct subordinate, shes fought on many raids and usually never loses unless it comes to hand-to-hand.

Tau Fire warriors- The Mass majority of the Tau forces, they dont really strike alot of fear into people's eyes but their aim IS deadly.

Tau Warships

Tau Commander Shadowsun

Tau Commander FireDancer

Tau Commando Unit

Tau Sniper

Tau Commander, WarMech

Tau PathFinder

Tau Fire Warrior, Skin

Stealth Suit MK. II

Tau WarLauncher

Tau Crisis Battle Suit Pilot, Jay'elan

Tau Scout and Soldier

Tau Commander, Farsight and his Dawn Blade

Commander Fireblood

Tau Firewarrior

Tau Piranha

Tau Commander Firebird

Tau Commander Or'es'ka

Commander Igna'De'us[M]

Tau Ethereal Belial

Tau Temple

Tau Commander Girl

Tau Commander Icesinger

Tau Commander[Samurai] and attack group

Tau Commander thornhide[Battlesuit commander]

Tau Assassin Squad[Stealth Suits]

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