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Spartan-III Personell

Leon, Spartan 165

Kraven, Spartan 116

Tex, Spartan-92

Spartan 259, Dante

Douglas, Spartan-3, Spartan-230

Spartan-3 E.V.A, Kelly

Commander Gray, Leader of the Spartan 3's

Alice-130, Spartan-3

Spartan, Ena

Spartan- Jorge, Chaingun

Gamma Three

Jake, Spartan-3

Steve, Spartan-3

Jin, Spartan-3

Lisa, Spartan-3

Kalic, Spartan-3

Danielle, Spartan-3

Serria, X64, Spartan-3

Scott, Spartan-3

Jungle Ops Spartan

Yurei, Spartan-3

Spartan-III Christopher.

Spartan-III Rick

Spartan-III, Sirius

Spartan-III's Rex, Jake, and A.I Lisa Forum Index -> Crisis's Characters
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