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Romeo's Rangers

Name:Dustin, Nickname Romeo
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 32
Job/Employment:UNSC Ranger
Personality:Flirtatious, Confident, Egotistical.
Background:Romeo is Rookie's Senior and was told to be his Babysitter until he was a Full-Fledged ODST. Romeo's CSV[Career Service Vitae] doesnt tell much past him gaining the Rank of Corporal by protecting a Group of Civilians Fleeing the Xenos, Coincidentally Rookie was part of those Civilians. After getting the Group of People through the Wormhole he Got some of them to join the ODSTs' and eventually befriended one, Fathia, who he unfortunately fell for cause she has a reputation of not being with anybody. After injuring himself on Earth he was promoted due to all his encounters and is getting control of his own Battalion.
Likes: Blasting the Heads of Aliens.
Dislikes: Being Turned Down.
Hates: His Lunch Being Cold
Wants: ???
Fears: Dying without being laid in the last week.
Academies Attended:Naval Academy, Navy Officer Command.
Special Training:Odst Training. Spartan-I Training, Ranger Training


Romeo. To Kickass, for your kickass

Romeo in Paladin Armor{Two pics}

Prototype Plasma Gun

Name:Nikolai, Support Trooper
Rank:Warrant Officer
Background/History:An Old Marine who was imprisoned for insubordination and released during the evacuation of earth to help, Romeo personally asked for him in his battalion

Name:Jax's, Rifleman trooper
Background/History:An Old friend of Romeo's who didn't want to join the war, but eventually did due to his family being killed, Asked Romeo if he could come along.

Name:Alister, Support Trooper
Rank:Lance Corporal
Background/History:Alister was an Insurrectionalist until the Group he was with was assassinated and he was taken prisoner, he said he'd join the UNSC only if they gave him a unique weapon, which they did.

Name:Deadshot, Sniper Trooper
Rank:First Lieutenant.
Background/History:Unknown suckas

Name: Dunh
Background/History:A Marine who was severely injured during the battle of Reach and now wants to repay all those who took his home from him, so he joined the quickest way to the front, which was Romeo's Rangers.

Rank:Staff Sergeant
Background/History:An ODST who had originally served under Buck with Romeo but got switched to a different unit, He requested she come to the squad because of her tenacity to keep friends alive.

Rank:Chief Petty Officer
Background/History:Part of the Spartan-III Project, Her Squad was recruited by Romeo to join his Battalion

Rank;Chief Petty Officer
Background/History:Part of the Spartan-III Project, His Squad was recruited by Romeo to join his battalion.

Rank:Master Chief Petty Officer
Background/History:Commander of the Spartan-III's on Sigma Octanus, his squad was recruited by Romeo to join his battalion

James, Lolita, Jason, Rico, Kent, Carson/UNSC Attack Force

Rico E-512
Rank:Chief Petty Officer First Class
Background/History:Part of Jason's Original Squad.

Kent E111
Rank:Chief Petty Officer Second Class
Background:Part of Jason's Original Squad

Carson E000
Rank:Master Chief Petty Officer
Background/History:Jason's Close friend and buddy even before the spartan Selection.

Rank:Lance Corporal
Background/History:Part of the Spartan-III Squad recruited by Romeo, he's been Considered Suicidal but thats just his nature of getting up close and personal with the enemy

Background/History:Nothing, go away!

Rank:Private First Class
Background/history:Normal ODST, GO AWAY!

Rank:Major domo
Background/History:After serving with Romeo on the Classified Mission, Romeo asked the Arbiter if he could have him come back to his battalion and serve again, to which he agreed.

Background/History:Leader of the Spartan-II's, He's barely outranked by Romeo, but was still commanded by him to join his battalion, along with the remainder of the Spartan-II's

Rank:Warrent Officer Grade 2
Background/History:Originally from the Spartan-II Squad that had Lyra, Sam died in the Previous engagement on Earth so she was sent alone to Join Romeo's Battalion, joining the others when she did though.

Rank:Master Chief Petty Officer
Background/History:Friend of Fred and Fathia, shes the sniper of the group and has a Crush on Fathia, although its more of a playful crush then a serious crush.

Rank:Second Lieutenant
Background/History:Spartan-II and Friend to Fathia/Linda, He's the more serious of the Three, but he wants to keep the others safe more than himself.

Name:Nathan 'Teck" Sanders

Name: Michael "Micky" Jones
Heavy Support

Name: Edward "Buck" Hoffler
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 37
Specialty: Kicking Ass.
Rank: Captain.
Personality:"Buck you!"
Background: Buck's CSV Consists of him being in 407 Missions, only two of which were failed. Buck started out as an outsmart ODST but eventually hardened after 15 years in service., Then His Tac Commander chose him to be commander and everything from then out was Business. He Chose Romeo and Rookie to be Escorts to the Recon Squad.
Loves: Fine Cigars and Wine.
Likes: Perfectly performed Ops.
Dislikes: Suicide Missions
Hates: Mess ups.
Wants: To Have the Perfect Squad.
Fears: Death of his Squad.
Academies Attended:Naval Academy, Navy Officer Academy.
Special Training:ODST Training

Name:Joanthan "Dancer" Hopkins.

Name:Taylor "Dutch" Miles.

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