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Larz, Codename G15

Danny, Codename GPro

Jacob-Codename G13

Lela- Codename G14

???, G1, ???

Kia Tia, G2, User of Prototype Energy/Chemical/Nuclear Rifle

Mistay (Usually called Tay) Bun'aye, Labeled Rebel, User of Prototype Power-Armor, only existing ONI-Ghost

Her using all her ONI classified equipment:

Panera Throm (Usually called Panthera), G3, User of Prototype Bladed-Weaponry+Suit

Alexi Kivok, G4, User of Prototype High-Velocity/Power MachineGun-SniperRifle, Acidic/Flame/Energy Style

Fiona Kilamenjaro, G5, User of Prototype Psionic Implant

Kimara Longa, G6, User of Prototype Mechanical Weapon

Omanesca Evenari (Usually called Omen), G7, User of Prototype Warheads

Hima No'va, G8, User of Prototype Organic Armor

Cesta Geminari, G9, User of Prototype Power-Rifle

"Janet", G10, Best Recorded Agent

Palodiac Ken (Usually called Ken), G11, Explosive Agent

???, G12, Agent

York Nicklen, Elf, MIA ODST, Trainee

Derrin Walterbook, Dean, MIA ODSTs, Trainee

Kelsey Nicklen, Sis, MIA ODSTs, Trainee

Cougar Coznical, MIA Marine, Trainee

Silfah Lefah (Usually called "Silver" or "Silver Leaf"), Early Empire Rebel, Trainee

Mick Hall, Mich, MIA ONI, Trainee

Sakisha Carvenod, Desert Planet Refugee, Trainee

Kevin Kilter, Refugee, Trainee

Tammy (Usually called "Tam"), Refugee, Trainee

Jachlen Norman (Usually called Jack), Refugee, Trainee

Lisa Bayanet, Refugee, Trainee

Diavick Yemond (Usually called Diamond), Refugee, Trainee

Spectrah Feminah, Refugee, Trainee

Mimi Niva, Refugee, Trainee Forum Index -> The Ghost Program
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