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Name: Lyra Tuilre.
Nickname: "Mom"
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Age: 34
Specialty: Close Combat.
Rank: Veteran.
Job/Employment: Rogue Adeptus.
Personality: Motherly and protective, relaxed, intelegent, easily ticked off, and quite-quite lazy. Merciless in combat.
Background: From a small primitive backwater planet in sector H13-3.
Loves: Dethram, her children.
Likes: Her friends and allies. Blasting things.
Dislikes: 'Im better than you' Xenos, biiiig bugs, running out of ammo, 'Ultramarine' officers.
Hates: Being bored and idle, Dethram getting hurt when she cant do anything about it without making things worse.
Wants: To explore the galaxy.
Fears: Wormholes, explosive decompression, drifting in space, being vaporized, HUUUUGE bugs.
Special Training(If Any): ODST training, Spartan training, some Astartes training.
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After Adeptus Astartes Initiation

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