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With the Death of Terra and his Command Officers, Grand Lordess Peppa Denied her rank and Imposed a Vote upon the Other High ranking Officials to vote, to create a New Admirality, and the Resulting Leaders are as follows;

-=Fleet Admirals=-
Fleet Admiral Peppa Skievot, 1st Fleet Commander, Battlegroup Epsilon Commander.

Fleet Admiral Jeremiah, 2nd Fleet Commander, Battlegroup Omega Commander

Fleet Admiral Ezekial Tuilre, 3rd Fleet Commander, Battlegroup Indi Commander.

Admiral Marius, 4th Fleet Commander, Battlegroup Alpha Commander.

Admiral Monique, 5th Fleet Commander

Admiral Wanda, 6th Fleet Commander

Vice-Admiral Haru, 7th Fleet Commander, Battlegroup Beta Commander

Vice Admiral Mira Han, 8th Fleet Commander

Vice Admiral Frost, 9th Fleet Commander

-=Rear Admiral Grade 1's=-
Rear Admiral G-1 Petrekov, 10th Fleet Commander, Battlegroup Charlie Commander.

Rear Admiral G-1 Miya, 11th Fleet Commander

Rear Admiral G-1, Dustin, aka Romeo, 12th Fleet Commander.

-=Rear Admiral Grade 2=-
Ariel Edrasil, 13th Fleet Commander, Battlegroup Delta Leader.

Ellen Anders, Ex-ONI Officer, 14th Fleet Commander.

Rear Admiral Grail, 15th Fleet Commander

Major General Karkarov, Commander of the Marines

Colonel Vladimir Ocelot  NavSpecWarfare Agent

Major Olga, NavSpecWarfare Agent

Captain Jarok, Captain of the UNSC Gladiator, UNSC and Covenant Built Ship.

Scout Commander Winney, Commander of the Scout Corps in the Marines.

Lieutenant Knight

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