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Knights of Vengeance Chapter

-=First Company=-
Chapter Master Galahad Kerenth

Captain Kilroy

1st Squad

2nd Squad.

3rd Squad

3rd squad Sergeant Heldon

4th squad

4th Squad Sergeant Jayala

5-10th Squad

6th Squad Sergeant Sael

7th Squad Sergeant Hortiz

8th Squad Sergeant Tixar

9th Squad Sergeant Falcion

10th squad Sergeant Reever

Brother Karl and Ioda

Sister Selena

Brother Markus

Sister Karina

Sister of Battle Ophilia


Brother Fenrir

Captain Lekaren

Sister Dissidia

Death Company Landbikes

Felix Hegadon

Brother Ostavia

Brother Tanarsis

Brother Anthony

Brother Virgil

Sister of Battle

Brother Secundus

Brother Methison

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