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Hell Divers Mercenary Group

Valkyrie Gunship "Hell's Gate", The Transport of the Mercenary group

Hell Diver Daevid, The Member that was on so many missions and got wounded so often they had to put him in a medical-fighting suit. 1st Squad

Hell Diver Malakai, Main Sniper of the Group, 2nd Longest Acting Member, 1st Squad

Hell Diver Sergeant Hell. 1st Longest Acting Member, Leader of the Hell Divers, 1st Squad

Hell Diver Leeroy, Heavy Support of the Group, he'll take the most Damage but its fine with him, 4th squad

Hell Diver Alpha, 2nd in Command, 4th Longest Active Member{3rd Squad Leader}

Hell Diver Stella, 3rd Longest Acting Member, until recently was the only female. 3rd squad

Hell Diver Custom, The Strong-Silent type, hes usually the one that gets lone contracts, Hell's fine with sending him on missions alone because he rarely talks to the group. Special Squad

Wincester Hell Diver, Heavy Weapons/Experimental Gauntlet. One of the Newer Members, He's usually in 3rd Squad with Alpha and Griffon{Zero's Char}

Ares Hell Diver, Infiltration, Another Strong-Silent type, but hes more open to talk if talked to directly, Part of 2nd Squad.

Zatoichi Hell Diver, Japanese Member of the group, hes a Close-Combat Specialist, 2nd Squad.

Markov Hell Diver, 2nd Sniper, 4th Squad Member, He supposively communes with the gods and nature before each kill.

Hell Diver Colt, Assassin, His weapons are all silenced without snipers and he has all kinds of armor upgrades that makes tracking targets extremely easy, 1st Squad

Hell Diver Mercury, Close Combat Specialist, hes the I-want-Revenge guy in the group, who wants to kill Someone but won't tell the others, 4th Squad.

Ajax, Hell Diver, Heavy Support, 2nd Squad.

Hell Diver MecKa, The Only Part-Cyborg member of the Group, he made his entire Mech suit with life-support systems so that he could live in it entirely. 2nd Squad.

Tengri, Hell Diver, 2nd Newest Member, he joined after Griffon, Part of 4th Squad.


Helldiver Striker

Helldiver Derrick the Demo

Helldiver Kobra

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