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Gorgon Orbital Division

Gorgan Orbital Division (G.O.D)

The Gorgan Orbital Division is a strictly defense and research fleet, however they do have very powerful weaponry in the event they evolve a paticularly harmful race/creature/being. This is a fleet of Gorgan Ships:

Gorgans, unlike most others, dont have a specific set of colors for there ships. They do this because they believe by setting a certain color-coding or color-group, that they thus seperate themselves as "Factions", and thus might fall back into the death and destruction of when they were war-ing among themselves. So it is for this reason, that the ships are colored to whatever the captain/crew would prefer. Below are the different various ships the Gorgans use and info about them.
Cargador (With Automated Defensive Probes)

The Cargador is the "Capital Ship" of the Gorgans. Which is easy to believe upon witnessing since the Cargador is about the size of Earth itself. This is especially remarkable since the Gorgans usually keep to smaller ships and then there "Capital Ship" (or as its come to be called more often, 'World Ship') is the size of our own home planet! The Cargador also has an Automated Defense System that when the high-tuned sensors pick up any spacial movement around it that isnt marked as "friendly", anywhere from 25 - 1500 Automated Defense Probes (usually called ADP's) will swarm out of the many slots and sockets upon the ship and cause mayhem. These probes arnt incredably powerful against ships but when swarmed by so many, no ship can stand the destruction for long. The Cargador has 150 ADP Slots and 502 Sensors along the surface of it (These are almost invisable). It can carry literally millions of the smaller figher and research vessels used by the Gorgans. Finally, very heavy shielding protects the Cargador from most minor attacks and these shields can hold out for long periods of time; not to mention the hard hull underneath.

The Gahennas - more commonly called the Dreadnaught - is the most offensive weapon ever developed by the Gorgans. This ship has various points upon its surface (the red spots on our hologram) that can fire lasers all around the ship. This makes the Dreadnaught a highly manuverable and very potent weapon for the Gorgans. Furthermore, and its a fearful weapon indeed, all of these laser points can actually be shot into a condensed point infront of the ship, and then once in a single cohesive beam, can be shot at anything infront of the vessel. This beam has the force and power to destroy worlds. This is a very feared weapon, and that is why the UNSC (and probably the other races in this war) are relieved to know there are only very few. The Dreadnaught is about as big as a typical Cruiser Class ship in the UNSC and also has High-Level Shielding.

The Shehnenak is the 4th largest ship in the Gorgan arsenal at the whooping size of a typical UNSC Dropship! The Shehnenak is the Gorgan "Science Vessel". It uses and searchs for more technological creatures as well as new species to watch over. The Shehnenak is the most dominate ship in the Gorgan Arsenal. Even if its a science vessel, the UNSC (and probably the others) have learned to fear this ship equally as much as the rest of the ships they have since the Shehnenak could use any technology it has found/developed/already has on any opposing vessel. The Shehnenak also has Highest-Level shielding, since it was the first vessel to have it.

The Hezassan, more commonly known simply as the "Carrier", is the 3rd largest ship in the Gorgan arsenal at the 'grand' size of half a typical UNSC Frigate. This is the ship that usually leads any military movement by the Gorgans. It has 50 ADP Slots, 164 Sensors, and Medium-Level Shielding. This ship was believed to be the capital ship of the Gorgans until they sighted the Cargador and Dreadnaught. It works much the same as the Cargador except its much smaller and thus carries much less.

The Fimigher, Commonly known as the "Fighters", is the main purpose fighter, being about the size of a 1-Man Fighter for the UNSC, this makes much sense. This fighter, unlike the ADPs of the other "War-Vessels" uses its own Ionic-Based weapons. It has Ionic Missles that fire a very quick speed. These ionic missles can blast through the hulls of most any fighter vessel in a single hit (sometimes 2 if the person is lucky). It also has a "Ionic Vent" on its bottom (this is the name we've given it at least) that upon opening it releases several streams of Ionic "Particals" (sorta simaler to lasers, though there only visable upon contact) below it that can also damage vechiles. Its been observed that they use this for Air-To-Ground combat mostly. The only disadvantages we've seen in this style of weaponry is that there is absolutely no way to to make the weapons home in upon opponets (which actually is a pretty bad disadvatage).

The Erohnigger, Usually just called the "Eye" ('of the Gorgan Fleet'), Is slightly larger then the Fimigher and has only one weapon system that shocks everyone, a Pisonic Blast. This is shocking to everyone, and mostly to ghosts who are amazed that the Gorgans have managed to make a inanimate object using psionics as a weapon. Some rumors persist that they have a living entity connected to the ship, but none know for certain. Furthermore, assumingly from psionics as well, the ship actually projects a field of cloaking into the surrounding area, thus cloaking a small fleet of the Gorgans. This ship is usually called the "Eye" for 4 reasons: 1) Because its supposivly a living entity connected to it, thus the 'living eye' concept. 2) Because from a distance the ship actually looks like an eye from the front. 3) Because the area that looks like the "eyeball" from a distance is actually where a single person stands inside, eyes shut, flying the ship. Its actually commonly joked that the hull is the outer portion of the eye, the bridge itself is the eyeball, and the person is the pupil. 4) The last reason is that most fleets have 2 of them, thus making the "2 eyes of the fleet".
Automated Interloper

The Automated Interloper, Usually simply called an A.I, is a All purpose fighter that the Gorgans activate upon going into battle. These ships flood the scene and cause unspeakable damage upon a battlefield; space, land, air, or water. Nobody is required to be inside the ship for it to cause mayhem and special orders can be directed to it via Psionics. The A.I. is only 1/3rd the size of a 1-Man UNSC fighter, making it almost impossible to hit by a large ship unless its in huge masses. They usually fly in Groups of 4, but have been known to fly in any tactically useful amount/formation/path.
Mech Air (and) Ground Eliminator
2 Different Styles, Left = Tank-Style, Right = Walker-Style

The Mech Air (and) Ground Eliminator, usually called MAGE, comes in 2 different styles that can come in several uses. The Tank style is designed to be like a Hover-Tank and has 2 side-cannons that fire small ionic bursts and 1 large cannon that fires lasers in any direction with the flexibilty to even shoot into the sky like an AA-Tank. The Tank style also is driven/flown by a 2-man team. The Walker style on the other hand is designed to be a 2-legged mech-warrior. In mid-air it is a fighter with 2 outstretched laser-barrels. Even during flight these laser-barrels can actually be adjusted to compensate for side-by-side battle and other situations. However, the main reason this ability is there so the Walker-Alternate can set its barrels into a leg setup and then can stand upon those legs. Once its standing, sockets open in the back and large "limbs" come out of them with laser mounts attached, these can aim in any direction around it, it can even shoot itself (Why would it do that?). The walker style also has a blue light that we assume to be some sort of eye in the middle of its "face". The Tank style is about the size of a typical warthog and the walker style is as tall as a Basalisk (so about 3ft over a tall human) and only as wide as a human being, mabye a lil more.

The Obsdevran, usually called the "Observer", is a very very small probe-like Psion-AI vessel designed completely for observation. This was designed for the studying of species at first, but once things started being more aggresive (and they met more aggresive lifeforms), it was adapted with very very sensative sensors that can detect the littlest movements in a fairly large radius. Ontop of that, the observer self-cloaks itself through use of Psion. The Obsdevran is slightly smaller then a Human. Forum Index -> Gorgon
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