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F // Ayla

Name: ??? (Goes by "F")
Gender: Male
Race: Human?
Age: ???
Specialty: Mech Driving, Close Combat
Rank: N/A
Job/Employment: N/A
Personality: Friendly, Dark, "Shaded", Laid Back, Juuust a bit Sinister
Background: ..?
Loves: ???
Likes: Armor, Mechs, Ayla
Dislikes: Technical Difficulties, Spies
Hates: Disobediance
Wants: To Find Them
Fears: ???
Academies Attended: None
Special Training: None
Theme Song: ???




Name: Ayla Excella
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 27
Specialty: Technics
Rank: N/A
Job/Employment: N/A
Personality: "Spicy", Hardworking, Extremely Friendly, Trustworthy
Background: Her parents were huge techies that designed weapons/etc for the UNSC, when they decided to hitch a ride out and live off on their own, she came about and soon she was a lone mechanic. She met a man in deperate need of assistance in a ship... and a bond was formed.
Loves: Technical Shit (Lets not get into that)
Likes: F
Dislikes: Not so Technical Shit (lawl?)
Hates: Bug Like Creatures
Wants: ???
Fears: Her and her Partner falling out
Academies Attended: None
Special Training: Family Technics

Note: Metal Legs from 2nd pic are there, and on both pics technically

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