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Project EPSILON: Electronic Positronic Soldier Intended for Logical Observation and Nullification

EPSILON Model Zero-One
I.A.R.O.P.M.L.I.N.A.: Intelligent Artificial Replicant Optimized for Psychic Might, Logical Infiltration and Nocturnal Assassination.

EPSILON Model Zero-Two
F.E.N.E.I.S.: Functional Electronic Neohumanoid Engineered for Immediate Slaughter.

EPSILON Model Zero-Three
I.C.I.L.C.A.: Intelligent Cybernetic Infiltration and Logical Calculation Android

EPSILON Model Zero-Four
L.I.A.I.I.N.: Lifelike Intelligent Android Intended for Infiltration and Nullification

EPSILON Model Zero-Five
G.A.E.S.K.A.N.: General Artificial Entity Skilled in Killing and Accurate Nullification

EPSILON Model Zero-Six
C.R.I.J.A.N.E.: Cryogenic Robotic Individual Justified for Assassination and Nocturnal Exploration

EPSILON Model Zero-Seven
C.E.T.A.C.: Cybernetic Electronic Targeting and Assassination Construct

EPSILON Model Zero-Eight
U.A.L.I.T.S.: Upgraded Artificial Lifeform Intended for Targeting and Sabotage

EPSILON Model Zero-Nine
R.A.M.E.L.I.: Robotic Artificial Machine Engineered for Logical Infiltration

EPSILON Model One-Zero
L.E.R.I.S.S.E.: Lifelike Electronic Replicant Intended for Scientific Sabotage and Exploration Forum Index -> Nekro's Characters
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