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Name: Mandy Tuilre.   Codename: G43
Gender: Female.
Race: Zaggarix.
Age: 21.
Specialty: Pychic Might and acid-attacks.
Personality: The average really-girly-girl, thougn shes taken a monsterous tone.
Background: From a small primitive backwater planet in sector H13-3.
Loves: Mommy, Daddy, Taya, Big Brother Ezekial and Headshots.
Likes: Her sisters. Pink! ^.^
Dislikes: Drab decor' and being bored.
Hates: Her old family being imperfect.
Wants: To make the whole galaxy 'perfect'.
Fears: Nothing.
Special Training(If Any): Ghost Training, Zaggarix morph.
Pictures of Char:
Age 3.

Age 10.

Age 17

Age 21

Name: Alu'na
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 22
Specialty: Navigation
Rank: Ensign
Job/Employment: Co-navigator.
Personality: Rebelious, questioning to her superiors, and undiciplined. Lazy and uncaring, except with her navigational calculations which she strives to be precice in.
Background: The rebelious daughter of a colonial administrator, he sent her off to the Pilot acadamy on Reach.
Loves: Maps, friends, and money.
Likes: Sarcasm, and out-thinking her superiors.
Dislikes: Aliens, orders.
Hates: Formalitys, punishments, and high-pressure situations.
Wants: To be the best navigator ever and make a perfect starmap.
Fears: A Situation where -her- navigational orders determine if her people live or die.
Special Training(If Any): Starmap-reading and navigational computing.
Pictures of Char:

Name: Genna Arundel.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Age: 19.
Specialty: Dogfights.
Rank: Ensign
Job/Employment: Pilot
Personality: She's an adrenaline junkie, which is also why she prefers practical-application over booksmarts when it comes to flying.
Background: Her parents were both military soldiers stationed aboard a station on the border of covenant space. Four years ago, the station was destroyed in a covenant attack and she's been left to fend for herself.
Loves: The rush of flying and the thrill of the speed.
Likes: Going shopping at the mall, and browsing the latest models of hovercars and starfighters.
Dislikes: Being confined to a room away from the rush of being behind the controls of a high-speed killing machine.
Hates: Slow-moving vehicles and walking.
Wants: To be the most feared fighterpilot in the navy.
Fears: Being shot down before accomplishing her goal.
Special Training(If Any): Fighter Pilot, Fighter Mechanic.
Pictures of Char:

Name: Celeste Shaasa.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Age: 24.
Specialty: Cruiser Pilot.
Rank: Ensign.
Job/Employment: Pilot.
Personality: She thinks with her breasts. Her first reaction to trouble is to flirt her way out of it, if that dosent work she resorts to crying.
Background: Shes lived a life of relative luxury amongst the upper-middle ranks of society. When she saw a recruitment poster of a female pilot in a cute uniform, she decided to sign up and her parents encouraged her.
Loves: Being cute and sexy.
Likes: Using her cuteness and sexyness to get what she wants.
Dislikes: Being in trouble, getting orders.
Hates: Being in BIG trouble.
Wants: To be cute and sexy forever.
Fears: Everything the navy fights.. which she found out what they were only after joining.
Special Training(If Any): Cruiser Pilot.
Pictures of Char:

Name: Juno
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Age: 24.
Specialty: Taking fire and dishing it out.
Rank: Sister.
Job/Employment: Rogue Adeptus.
Personality: Very diciplined and quiet, but liked by her comrades (probably due to her policy of nudism xD)
Background: Served a few years as a Adeptus Sororitas in the Night Blades chapter before defecting to the Black Legion. Followed Deth, Lyra, Dare, Clare, Cutter, Breanne, and Melnikov to earth.
Special Training(If Any):
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