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Covenant Starships/Fighters/Transports

Covenant Ascendant Justice, The Sangheili Flagship, Twice the Size of the Capitol ships, Making it the largest Covenant ship besides High Charity, and the 3rd largest behind the Gorgon Ships, and Ul'damnian ships.

Covenant Capitol Ship, 40 Times the Size of Peppa's Flagship{A Covenant Assault Carrier can be seen in Comparison in the Bottom left}

Covenant Assault Carrier, three times the Size of UNSC Supercarriers

Covenant CCS Cruiser, Larger than any UNSC Ship

Covenant Aegis Class Cruiser

C438 Analysis

Covenant Destroyer, The Size of the UNSC Supercarriers

Covenant Frigate

Covenant Corvette[Size and Comparison to a UNSC Frigate]

Covenant Troop Transport/ Light attack Vessel, Phantom

Covenant Starfighter, Seraph

Covenant Bomber, Vampire

Covenant Banshee Fighter

Covenant Spirit Dropship

Covenant Seraph Fighter

Covenant Vampire Fighter

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