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Admiral Peppa and others in her Fleet

Name: Peppa Skievot
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 46
Specialty: Leading(Brass), Piloting
Rank: Admiral
Job/Employment: UNSC Admiral
Personality: [In Battle] Blunt, Brutal, To-The-Point, Quick-Thinking  [Out of Battle] Decisive, Calculating, Friendly, Perfectionist
Background: From the heavily populated planet Tarkonis in Sector K06-4. She at an early age decided to join the UNSC and has been with them ever since, she is not heavily known but her name is familiar to those among the UNSC. She was the captain of the group who found the planet that brought Lyra, Dethram, Taya, Mandy, Fathia, and Monique. She piloted the Stalingrad for 2 assaults against the covenant (one during a zaggarix infestation) and in the same battle a reporter showed up and killed the admiral, taking command of the ship. She was left in command and put up the pretense she was on his side. She was promoted to Admirality on teh spot and told of the new emperor and that she was to meet him. She had an official promotion party that the entire first fleet enjoyed and then they began the mission to take out the zaggarix. Upon getting to Reach to resupply, it was suddenly mass assaulted by Zaggarix and the fleets were put into action to defend reach. The Emperor evaced most (not all) of the civilians and troops off the planet before droping one of the Ultramarine Exterminatus Bombing Runs on the entire planet. It wiped out most of the zaggarix though some of the flyers got away. Immediately after the Ultramarines left with the emperor as if he didnt just kill millions of innocent people... and then the Coaliation Rebellion occured on earth, and almost the entire first fleet, her along with, joined them. Now shes met with Terra, leader of the Coaliation, and is ready to fight for them.
Loves: ???
Likes: Obediance, Loyalty, "Noble Spirits", Jeremiah
Dislikes: Imperfection, Xenos
Hates: Suicidal Missions
Wants: To Be a Legend, To Do the Right thing (i wonder what about  Twisted Evil )
Fears: Getting Xeno-Infested
Academies Attended: Brass, Gunner, Fighter-Pilot
Special Training: None

Interview/Formal Meeting Peppa


Name: [Supposivly] Janet  [Truth] ???    Codename: G17
Gender: Female
Race: Implanted and Physically enchanced Human
Age: 28
Specialty: Stealth Trooper
Job/Employment: "UNSC Marine" (Ghost-Operative)
Personality: Observant, Calculative, Precise, Friendly or Cruel
Background: [Supposivly] As a young girl of 14 she proved her worth and joined the covert ops and sniper academies. She passed both after 3 years of each (so 6 years), and then joined their military. [Truth] At the age of 4 a ghost operative noticed her strong psionic abilities and kidnaped her. They raised her in the secret ghost complex to the age of 6 where they began her backbreaking training and subdueing into a ghost. By the age of 9 she was, like many others, one of the most deadly weapons in the UNSC Arsenal. Furthermore they made her train in various academies before teaching her any of the key ghost-only information. Then they continued to train her, until she had 15 years of back-breaking ghost training pounded into her. Due to this, she wasnt out of ghost training and working missions for them, until the age of 21.
Loves: Nothing
Likes: Killing, Headshots, Picking On People
Dislikes: Xenos, Stuck-Ups
Hates: Anyone who thinks they are better then her.
Wants: ???
Fears: Missing a Key Shot, Failing a Mission
Academies Attended: Sniper, Covert Ops, Marine, Fighter Mech and Tank Piloting, Gunner, Tech and Vechile Mechanic.
Special Training: Ghost Program


Buma Bev'ai, Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander

Ravanna Yi'ang, Covert Operations and Professional Sniper, Non-Commissioned Officer

Zenkai Yakeninaru (left, owned by Crisis) and Sekishi Kikinaro, Highly Mobile Scouts, Lance Corporal (Zenkai) and Corporal (Sekishi)

Brianne Pinicla, Heavy Defense Specialist, Private 1st Class

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