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The Rise of the New Coalition, and the Fall of the Empire
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The Empire And its History.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:26 pm    Post subject: The Empire And its History.  Reply with quote

The New Coalition Empire of Humanity, a.k.a The New UNSC, is a military, exploratory, and scientific agency that makes up about 80% of all remaining humans, But the Empires Greatness is not measured by its Future, but by its past.

The UNSC was formed in the 22nd century, a time when remnants of old cultural ideologies clashed for supremacy in the Sol System. The UNSC served mainly as overseer of United Nations military operations in space. After initiating massive militarization propaganda throughout its off-world colonies, through the UNSC, the U.N. defeated Communist and Fascist forces in a conflict generally known as the "Interplanetary War", which consisted of several side-battles that took place on Mars, the Jovian Moons and the South American rainforests. Although the Interplanetary War brought a great deal of suffering to both the colonial population and the residents of Earth, it also united humanity''s military forces into a common armed force by the end of the 22nd century.

The United Nations Space Command was formed by the United Nations during the Interplanetary War. After the UNSC victory, overpopulation on Earth became a major issue in the early 22nd century. This issue was resolved and disaster averted by colonizing and constructing vast cities on other planets in the Orion Arm  of the galaxy, the Inner Colonies and later the Outer Colonies.

The UNSC''s defensive military force is the UNSC Defense Force (UNSCDF), and consists of the UNSC Air Force, the UNSC Army, the UNSC Marine Corps and the UNSC Navy

The UNSC''s first project was the Recreation of Earth, because of the Interplanetary wars and older wars the surface of Earth was slowly turning radioactive, their first project was to create a Surface over the Surface of Earth, it was completely metallic and was made in under 10 years, the Surface of Earth was remade with artificial Gravity and was terraformed, Rebuilt and eventually repopulated. New England became the Capitol of the World, led by the Emperor of Earth, Asia became a Giant City, along with South America, while North America, Europe, and the majority of Africa was never constructed, because the cities in the other continents had buildings miles high which sported populations of over 20,000 people. Above Earth was the Second Biggest Naval Shipyards, the Royal Docks, the only bigger one was the First Shipyard ever made, Mar''s Reyes-McLee''s Shipyard covered half the Surface of Mars.

{Recreation of Earth}

Other Projects they underwent was massive Colonization of Over 800 planets, The Creation of the Admirality to serve the Emperor, and the Creation of ONI, The Office of Naval Intelligence.

Despite the Emperor supposed rule of the UNSC, it was actually slowly turning into a Three-way Rule, Between The Emperor, The Admirality, and ONI. After the Death of the 97th Emperor, the Admirality took the opportunity to take over, saying that no knew Emperor could be named unless the Sword of Rukt was found{which was lost on Old Earth}. And almost 90% of the UNSC Agreed with the Admirality taking over, they had grown tired of being ruled by one man, the power shared between 3 people? was a good idea to them.

The Admirality promised ONI Unlimited control if they reported to them and only them, which they agreed to, and the Colonel in control of the ONi has always reported to the Admirality.

"Out there, we''ve walked quite friendly up to Death,-
Sat down and eaten with him, cool and bland,-
Pardoned his spilling mess-tins in our hand.
We''ve sniffed the green thick odour of his breath,-
Our eyes wept, but our courage didn''t writhe.
He''s spat at us with bullets and he''s coughed
Shrapnel. We chorussed when he sang aloft,
We whistled while he shaved us with his scythe.

Oh, Death was never enemy of ours!
We laughed at him, we leagued with him, old chum.
No soldier''s paid to kick against His powers.
We laughed, -knowing that better men would come,
And greater wars: when each proud fighter brags
He wars on Death, for lives; not men, for flags. "

Humans didn''t think to start looking for Alien life until it was far to late. Harvest, one of the UNSC''s smaller colonies made for more agricultural necessities, suddenly cut off all transmissions with the rest of the empire, and no ships left to the UNSC from there, The Admirality sent a Recon ship to see what happened, only to have it not report back as well, Eventually the Admirality sent a battlegroup of 3 ships, a Destroyer and 2 Frigates to find out what was happening, and a Month later only one came back, severely damaged and 70% of its personnel being dead. The Captain of the UNSC Vostok told the UNSC that they encountered an Alien ship, and after trying to communicate with them, they were swiftly attacked, the Destroyer and one of the frigates were destroyed within minutes, but still had used everything they had on the ship, 90 Archer missile pods and the Ship blocked it off, the captain told the admirality the ship had some kind of shield.Vice Admiral Preston Cole led an Enormous Battelgroup of 23 ships to Harvest and destroyed the ship, while losing 13 of his own, as more and More UNSC Forces showed up to reinforce the fleet, more covenant did to, and for 5 years Cole chased the covenant around the outer-colonies, mopping up victories after victories only because of numerical advantages.

   "They told me to fight, and that''s what I''ve done. Let historians sort through the wreckage, bodies, and broken lives to figure out the rest."
   — Vice Admiral Preston Cole

"Surrender, quite literally, is no longer an option for me."
 - Vice Admiral Preston J. Cole

20 years of Victories later, Cole and a Fleet of 82 UNSC ships were intercepted near the Colony of Second Base by a Covenant fleet containing 480 Ships, being seriously outnumbered Cole had to improvise, he had his fleet hide behind a Gas Giant planet in that system and when the covenant came around the corner, he had a group attack from behind, repeating the tactic every time the covenant turned their ships, the strategy appeared to be working, as the UNSC only lost 49 ships, while the Covenant lost over 300...Until the Covenant Showed up with another 500 ships, Cole realized no matter no much damage he could do, the UNSC would not win this battle, so he told his fleet to retreat, and before the covenant started chasing them, Cole on his flagship challenged the covenant to chase him, saying that he had singlehandedly destroyed over 300 of their ships and that he was ashamed of their warrior honor, the Sangheili controlling the fleet took this as great disrespect and followed Cole, who sent his ship inside the Gas Giant.

 "Listen to me, Covenant. I am Vice Admiral Preston J. Cole commanding the human flagship, Everest. You claim to be the holy and glorious inheritors of the universe? I spit on your so-called holiness. You dare judge us unfit? After I have personally sent more than three hundred of your vainglorious ships to hell? After kicking your collective butts off Harvest - not once - but twice? From where I sit, we are the worthy inheritors. You think otherwise, you can come and try to prove me wrong. Is that the best you can do? Watch what one unworthy human can do!"
   — Admiral Cole''s last known transmission directed to the Covenant fleet

After assuring that the Covenant fleet was following him inside, he emptied the entire ships payload of weapons into the planet''s core, over 50 Shiva Tactical Nukes, 4 Mac Rounds, and 800 Archer Missiles, the Core went critical and the Gas giant Exploded, taking the entire covenant fleet, and Cole''s ship, with it. The Battle became known as Cole''s Last Stand. It is remembered as a battle where one Human''s mind was able to take on over 800 Covenant Ships in a battle of Wits.

[Evacuating Pelicans Vs Covenant Warships]

Despite the Victories Cole brought the UNSC, after his deeth they suffered Defeat after Defeat, only Vice Admiral Whitcomb bringing any victories in. After losing over 400 more colonies, the UNSC Finally had another Victory over Dwarka, Led by Admiral Jeremiah Gottwald, a Fleet of 20 UNSC Ships fought a Group of 30 Covenant Ships, using  some of Cole''s hit and run tactics, Jeremiah''s Fleet of 20 was able to hold off, until only his ship and 4 covenant ships were left, instead of retreating like any other officer would have done, he had his crew ram the lead covenant ship, embedding it into the front of the ship, and fire off all 3 of their nukes at the other 3 ships, The Covenant fleet was defeated, but Jeremiah''s Ship had taken 90% damage and would never be servicable again, although the Colony he saved and the Entire UNSC Public saw him as a hero for a time, the Admirality realized that as the youngest admiral and the most favored, he might turn into the next emperor should the public want him to, So they had him condemned, after he agreed to it too, Sending Jeremiah''s Name into the Gutters, he was considered a traitor to the UNSC and almost no one valued him anymore than trash. But the Admirality realized this was a victory for them, and offered Jeremiah anything he needed after his retirement from the UNSC.

The UNSC Original 800 Colonies had still been reduced to nearly 100, They were running out of Ships and Shipyards to make More, They were on a losing streak, and it got even worse when the zaggarix were discovered, ONI only told the Admirality about them after they were sure they couldn''t handle them on their own and the Colony of Chi Ceti IV had been lost. The Admirality did their best, but lost 5 more colonies to the Zaggarix and realized they couldn''t waste more ships on them while they fought the Covenant, and designated the area to be under quarantine, the Entire Chi Ceti System was locked down, anything leaving it was to be destroyed on sight.

The UNSC Knew they would collapse if they could not find safe Haven''s to stay, so they sent out 18 recon teams to discover Planets they could stay on outside the boundary of their Empire. Only 3 came back with habitable planets, and one was through a collapsed wormhole, and was already inhabited by humans but they couldn''t open the wormhole again.

The Admirality devised three Fail-safe Plans to try and Save the UNSC, #1 Create an Attack Fleet that would cut a path into the Covenant Territory and distract them from their genocide of the human empire.#2 Try to find a Way to work a Peace with the Covenant, using whatever means necessary, or #3 Find a World they could fortify to the utmost degree, and hold out as long as they could.They Ultimately decided for #1 and Led by Fleet Admiral Whitcomb and the Newly created First Fleet sporting the UNSC Stalingrad, the strongest ship in the fleet, using stolen covenant shield-tech to protect it. They Started their attack on the only known border colony of the Covenant Joyous Exultation, unfortunately they arrived when it was under attack by the Zaggarix, luckily the Colony did fall and the First Fleet escaped after ensuring that the Zaggarix would overtake the Covenant by destroying their fleet.

The second colony they found and attacked was Pegasi Delta, A Supply Colony for the covenant, they only had 6 Ships in orbit and the First Fleet easily destroyed them with 4 to 1 odds, Only 2 ships were lost in the engagement, but the supply-colony on the ground was protected by an orbital shield and over 200 Anti-Air Batteries, so the UNSC Deployed their Newest Unit, the Spartans landed with droppods{only 3 droppods were destroyed on the way down, and of that, only 2 spartans died, the other one was only wounded for 2 months} They destroyed the Anti-Air batteries and enabled the marines to land 7 battalions of soldiers to destroy the Colony, The Covenant Fleet Master there dueled With a Spartan and after both of them being wounded, opted to retreat to the other Sangheili and the Arbiter, to restore their honor another day, The Covenant Fleet of Particular Justice arrived 6 hours later, picked up the Covenant and then Fled.  Although Admiral Whitcomb planned to continue on with his Mission, him, along with all the other Admirals were assassinated, Killed by Someone who quickly took over the Stalingrad, and although the Bridge crew said they could destroy Covenant colonies on the way back to Earth, the Assassins disagreed and told them to ignore everything and head straight back, With the Death of the Admirality, An Emperor was Crowned, and with the Help of the Ultramarines, became the New Ruler of the UNSC, Although he was only 17.

"Now listen, son, remember when we talked about the Alamo. You know every one of the brave defenders in those fights died. They knew the odds, but they hurt the enemy. Both were tactical defeats, but in the end they were also brilliant strategic victories. They made the enemy afraid. Just a few good soldiers fighting for what''s right made the difference."
-Vice Admiral Whitcomb to Unnamed Naval Officer

{Contrary to Belief, Whitcomb did not die in the Assassination Attempt but instead was Jettisoned to the Planet of Pegasi Delta by Diethard Ried, one of The Emperor''s Personnel. There he was abandoned in the Old Covenant, Where they located him, and he fought them off with weapons of dead marines and Elites for 17 Hours, He Found his way into the Station''s Power Core and Sent a Message on his Comms to all open signals on the Planet Before blowing the Power core and the Entire Covenant Base, The Only other UNSC personnel in the Area being a Group of ODST''s, they are still unsure of whether or not he died or not}

   "You all have a nice day in hell..."

   —Whitcomb''s final transmission to the Covenant.

{Whitcomb is remembered by the Fact that he Did not care what kind of Human lives he saved, even if they were insurrectionalists}
"This is not the Alamo and I am not Colonel William Barret Travis, although I dearly wish I were. No, we''re running. We''re trading hundreds of lives for millions."
It was obvious he deeply regretted abandoning the rebels, whom he promised amnesty for their services

The New Imperial UNSC was not a very organized one, and within days the Second Biggest World of the UNSC, Reach, was underattack by the Zaggarix, If not for the pressence of all three Fleets, the Planet would have fallen within hours, The Ground Invasion lasted Two days, Until the 7 Portals of the Zaggarix Were ended by the New Emperor, His Admiral Peppa Was leading the Fleet engagement and sending reinforcement where they were necessary on the ground. With Victory in the Air, the Emperor and the Ultramarines ordered a Retreat, everyone{or as many people as could be} were evacuated And the Planet was gassed to destroy anything alive on it. The UNSC was not very happy with this, And a Mysterious Message was sent to Admiral Peppa, telling her that a Rebellion was coming to overthrow the Emperor, Later Peppa discovered that Said Messenger was a Person of Influence named Terra, Who had once been the Lead Designer of almost all the warships in the UNSC''s current service. Within 3 Weeks of the Rise of Lelouch, Terra''s plan Hatched, and the Separatists were formed, Fighting the Loyalists to Lelouch on all fronts, Taking the Battle to Earth and destroy most of its outlaying Defenses, {Skipping the Psionic Event that changed Mandy/taya btw}. The Covenant, The Zaggarix and eventually the Ul''damnians joined in at the battle of Earth. The Emperor realized he could not control the UNSC, and Signed a surrender to Terra and Peppa.

With the Emperor''s Surrender to Terra and Peppa, The Empire lost all remaining power, the Emperor and the Majority of the Remaining Ultramarines fled to a Shield World, almost impenetrable from the Outside. Unfortunately the Victory was Short lived....

Shortly after the Documents were signed, The Ul''domnians, The New Xenos, decided that their observation time was over, and launched a Full-Scale invasion against all Races they knew about in the Galaxy, The Gorgon''s were the first to succumb, being only in one place for the most part, they populated was almost brought down 90%.

The Next were the Rebelling Covenant, fighting against the Loyalist Covenant, They had the least fleet-strength and quickly fell, their few ships retreated to the Sangheili Home-world with the Lekgolo Survivors

And Although it wasn''t a very ''Genocidal'' war, They did fight the Zaggarix, Almost entirely eliminating any Aerial threat by them, or just plain out mind controlling them.

And Lastly, the Humans, of their countless Controlled Worlds, their many Moons, Asteroids and Colonies in Space, they''ve been reduced from an Empire, down to Dissident Planets striving for Survival, with barely any semblance of protection except the occcasional ship from the Navy[ Widdled down to 48 ships]

Although Terra still controls his New ''Coalition'' His Control is Mute, since the only thing there is to control, is the barely surviving populace and a Few Scant Ships.

While hiding away on Sigma Octanus Terra constructed His First and Second Fleet with the Help of ONI, The old Navy of only 48 Ships was finally raised up to over 200 with the Creation of the Sigma Shipyards, They have since recaptured Earth and a Few other Colonies and have begun Reconolization.

The Human-Covenant War has lasted a Long time and has had Many Battles, although alot of them were minor and ended in the glassing of Human Colonies that were undefended.

[Battles of the Human-Covenant Wars]


Xi Bootis A

Battle of Alpha Aurigae

The Battle of New Constantinople was a major engagement in the New Constantinople system between UNSC  and Covenant forces. Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb distinguished himself in the battle and was awarded several decorations for his actions.

The Battle of Leonis Minoris which the Covenant discovered the human presence in the Leonis Minoris System, and proceeded to wipe out two of the three colonies there. The UNSC  rushed to the system''s defense with a large force of starships, and won the battle, but at a cost: ten ships were lost in battle against the technologically-superior Covenant, and Admiral Cole was forced to allow the Covenant to destroy two colonies in order to protect the third one.

The Siege of the Atlas Moons was a prolonged battle between the UNSC and the Covenant. Little to nothing is known of this battle except that Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb fought in the engagement and gained a reputation as a great military commander.

Battle of Kholo

[Covenant Forces preparing to Glass Kholo]

Human resistance was light, with only a few small military vessels in orbit. These were overwhelmed and destroyed by the fleet''s scoutships. When the main fleet arrived, ground forces were deployed to the surface, before being withdrawn after two days to clear the way for the orbital bombardment to follow. The Shipmaster leading the fleet was ordered by the Prophet of Conviction to manually control his cruiser''s energy projector and carve the Covenant glyph for "Faith" into the surface of the planet. Upon completion of the glyph, the rest of the fleet opened fire and completely glassed Kholo. The battle was an overwhelming Covenant victory with Kholo being glassed, killing a large amount of civilians and UNSC personnel trapped on the planet.

Battle of 19 Scorpii

The Battle of 18 Scorpii was an engagement during the Human-Covenant War. Upon arrival the lone Covenant ship inflicted heavy damage on the Battle Group which was unable to penetrate the Covenant ship''s shields. The UNSC Seattle and UNSC Thermopylae sustained only moderate damage, however the UNSC Io was heavily damaged and its Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine  was rendered inoperative. This gave the commanding Captain the choice of whether to fall back and save two the two destroyers, or fight and possibly lose all three ships. Luckily, unknown friendly reinforcements jumped in system and destroyed the Covenant ship, saving the UNSC forces. The lead ship''s profile matched a thirty-year-old frigate design with major modifications, which a passive transponder identified as the UNSC Bellerophon

Battle of Sigma Octanus
"We''ve come to take Sigma Octanus IV back from the Covenant. To do that, we''re going to kill every last one of them."
-Unknown Spartan-I

On July 17th, 2552, Ensign William Lovell logged a large gravitational anomaly inside Slipstream space. Deciding that it could not be any form of Covenant starship based on its immense size, Lovell passed it off as an asteroid, sent his hourly report, and thought nothing more of it.

However, over Sigma Octanus IV, Commander Jacob Odin, commanding officer of the UNSC Destroyer Iroquois, realized that the large mass was in fact a battle group of Covenant ships after reading a report by Lieutenant Commander Fhajad about how the Covenant Could come out of slipspace in perfect formation. The Covenant ships were flying in close formation; Large masses bend slipspace more easily than in real space, creating the illusion of a single large mass when there are in fact several. Odin concluded that the mass was comprised of four Covenant Frigates. However, when the Covenant battlegroup exited slipspace, the Iroquois found itself outmatched by the arrival of not four frigates but one Covenant Carrier, one Destroyer, and two frigates (medium-sized ships).

Despite the hopeless tactical situation, Commander Odin resolved to attack. The Iroquois set a collision course for the destroyer at emergency acceleration while launching a nuclear warhead in what seemed to be the wrong direction. The two escorting frigates proceeded to launch a salvo of plasma, but the Iroquois managed to evade by utilizing the emergency thruster. Having missed their target, the plasma came about and continued to track and home in on the UNSC warship.

The trailing plasma was to prove critical to the success of Odin'' strategy. A last minute course correction allowed the Iroquois to merely "graze" the destroyer''s shields rather than smash directly into the ship properly, resulting in the destruction of a large portion of the Iroquois'' armor (Odin had torn through 2 meters of titanium and had breached every bottom deck of the Iroquois). However, the tracking plasma was unable to correct for the sudden maneuver of their target and, in consequence, impacted on the destroyer instead. A heavy salvo of Archer missiles sent the remaining Covenant warship to its destruction.

With the momentum built up during the first phase, the Iroquois performed a slingshot maneuver around the planet. Once safely away, the nuclear warhead deployed earlier, was detonated, completely draining the shields on the two frigates. Having completed its orbit, the Iroquois resumed its attack and destroyed the two Frigates with two heavy MAC rounds and hundreds of Archer missiles.

Its escorts destroyed, the carrier then disengaged and escaped out system but not before leaving 34 dropships and a small Corvette to continue the ground assault.

Second Space Battle of Sigma

With the ground battle continuing, more UNSC ships arrived in orbit over Sigma Octanus IV. At 0625 hours, a fleet of Covenant vessels were detected on the edge of the system. The 48 available UNSC warships, including the Iroquois and Stanforth''s flagship, the Marathon-class cruiser Leviathan, formed a tight "checkerboard" formation that allowed for them to fire all their MAC guns simultaneously at the Covenant fleet with a single massive volley. However, this restricted the mobility of the UNSC fleet, and left them unable to evade the extremely accurate Covenant plasma torpedoes. When the battle commenced, the Covenant fleet took a severe beating from the UNSC''s opening MAC salvo, but promptly returned fire with a salvo of plasma torpedoes. The repair station Omega moved in front of the UNSC formation, acting as a sacrificial shield, and absorbed the Covenant fleet''s first salvo, at the cost of the station and its entire crew. This allowed the UNSC ships to dedicate all the power from their reactors to recharging their MAC guns, and the UNSC ships were thus quickly able to fire a second salvo after the destroyed Cradle drifted away. After this salvo, only eight Covenant vessels remained: cruisers and destroyers. The UNSC fleet then scattered and proceeded to engage the Covenant fleet, which responded by releasing its Seraph fighters and opening heavy fire on the UNSC ships. The Iroquois spotted a Covenant stealth ship in orbit above the planet and attempted to destroy it with a barrage of Archer missiles, but the attack was foiled when the stealth ship jammed the missile guidance locks, causing them to miss. In response, Iroquois simply rammed the much smaller ship, stopping the Covenant from transmitting data from the planet''s surface. The remaining Covenant vessels soon fled the system.

The space battle was one of the few major victories that the UNSC had had in space since Harvest was retaken. Admiral Stanforth had especially planned this battle to be a much needed victory and morale boost for the humans. It introduced the tactic of using a refit station to protect UNSC ships. The Covenant, however, had only come for the data retrieved from the Forerunner crystal transmitted from the planet.

{The Battle of Sigma Octanus is considered the Single most important Battle in the Human-Covenant Wars, because One of the Biggest Human Planets was saved and continued to Thrive until the End of the War.}

Battle of Tribute
Corporal  Taylor H. Miles was present during the evacuation of the colony, and witnessed the near total destruction of the UNSC Navy escort fleet in orbit as they protected civilian refugees where the fleet suffered 90% losses

Battle of Onyx
Covenant Forces arrived over Dusk with 8 Destroyers and began to Glass the Planet, the UNSC Dusk arrived by Slipspace from Earth. The Prowler provided advanced intelligence for Battlegroup Indi that arrived shortly thereafter. Intending to catch the enemy off guard, the UNSC force homed in on a group of Covenant destroyers and destroyed all but one destroyer. The UNSC Glasgow Kiss was sacrificed to preserve the UNSC Stalingrad from plasma fire from the lone destroyer. The Glasgow Kiss intercepted three of the four lances of fire and launched 12 escape pods before it was destroyed.

Despite taking multiple hits, the Covenant destroyer fled to the other side of Onyx, leading the UNSC force into a trap of twenty additional Covenant warships. Several more Covenant destroyers were eliminated, but the launch of a massive plasma volley forced the UNSC ships to accelerate into the attack and close the distance to forestall a second volley. Only five UNSC ships survived the charge, of which one, the UNSC Iwo Jima, was destroyed when she detonated a nuclear weapon in her engine, destroying a further two Covenant warships and damaging six more in the ensuing explosion, The Covenant Forces were defeated nonetheless by the remaining 4 ships.

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