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The Rise of the New Coalition, and the Fall of the Empire
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Pre-Civil war Covenant

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:14 pm    Post subject: Pre-Civil war Covenant  Reply with quote

The Covenant is a religious hegemony of multiple alien species, controlling a very large portion of the Orion Arm in the Milky Way galaxy. They Believe that the Humans and Other Races are Infidels and Must be Destroyed at all Costs. The Covenant, While technologically advanced beyond reason, In Space and on Land, Has been pushed to a Stalemate with the humans only by sheer luck,

High Charity
High Charity is the Capitol, and Mobile, City of the Covenant, its a Moving Battlestation. The Sangheili Leaders control the Station, yet the other species are prominent in it as well, considering its the Size of Terra's Moon. High Charity has enough weapons to destroy all of the UNSC Empire, but to the Elites its so sacrad, if it were to be harmed in the engagement they would be unworthy and would kill themselves.

The Covenant Species

The Sangheili
The Covenants Leaders Are Sangheili, A Race of Tall Blueish Humanoids with Curved Ankles, they are a race of fierce, proud, strong, intelligent warriors and skilled combat tacticians, Sangheili formed the military backbone of the Covenant for almost the entirety of its existence as well.

The Jiralhanae
he Jiralhanae are the newest members of the Covenant. They are a large ape-like species, The Jiraelhanae have a profound hatred of the Sangheili, unmatched by any other feud within the Covenant, fired by the Jiralhanae's natural aggressive nature and the Sangheili's attitudes of superiority.

The Unggoy
The Unggoy are a small species of servant warriors in the unified races of the Covenant. They are the lowest rank, and are usually used as cannon fodder or hard-labor workers. They are usually mistreated by their higher ranking Sangheili and Jiralhanae, The Unggoy were one of the later species conquered and absorbed into the Covenant. In appearance, they have a combination of reptilian and mammalian features, but are actually considered arthropods.  They were the third Covenant species to be seen by humans. They are weaker than their superiors and they perform the majority of the labor required by the Covenant, such as slavery and use as "cannon fodder", and "suicide bombers"
[Picture of an Unggoy Ultra]

The Kig-Yar
The Kig-yar are a saurian species  which would serve the Covenant as mercenaries, and later the Covenant Loyalists. Humans have termed these vicious creatures Jackals, as they are known for their swiftness, viciousness and dexterity, even though they aren't the strongest Covenant race. Kig-Yar. will either serve as snipers or scouts within the Covenant due to their excellent sense of sight, smell and hearing
Kig-Yar Hunting Party

The Lekgolo
The Lekgolo are a unique gestalt of smaller creatures which are tiny, orange, worm-like creatures that group together to geometrically increase their intelligence, strength, and maneuverability. They always come in pairs or "bond brothers." The death of one will enrage the other.

The Yanme'e
The Yanme'e are a race of sentient, flight-capable insectoid warriors who make up part of the alien religious alliance known as the Covenant.They are informally referred to by UNSC infantry as "buggers" or "drones". Although they have been part of the Covenant for some time, they have just recently been put to use as combatants in the war against the Humans. Their mastery of anti gravity flight assistance has given them an almost insurmountable strategic advantage in combat

The Covenant Vehicles

The Ghost

The Ghost is the Infantry Vehicle, Similar to a normal Car, only with 2 Twin Plasma Cannons on the front for Fighting, its a All-Terrain purpose vehicle because of its Anti-Gravity pod which keep it aloft.

Covenant Revenant

The Spectre
The Spectre is a 4 Seater-Vechile, with Anti-gravity pods like the Ghost, It has one Heavy Plasma cannon on the back, 2 Passenger seats, then the Driver Seat, Because of its weight it isn't very maneuverable but it is extremely fast.

The Wraith
The Wraith is the Covenant Version of a Tank, it has 2 Plasma cannons for close defense and One Plasma Bomb-Cannon for Destroying heavier targets.

The Scarab
The Scarab tank is a Deadly Covenant Vechile, Roughly 30 Times the Size of one of their Wraiths, Has One Ship-Size Plasma Cannon, and 1 Continual Frigate Based Turret. Ground Fire almost has no effect on it, and even UNSC Tanks barely scratch it, it's only true weakness is that fact that when one part of it is damaged to severely{Mostly it will either be the leg or the turret}, it will crouch down to repair itself{Which it can do} but UNSC Soldiers have taken to boarding it while it does that, and killing the crew and destroying the power core when it does that, The Resulting Explosion is quite Bright.

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